Band Q&A – Seasonal

Seasonal are a U.K. band located in Guildford. The 4-piece band are made up of;

Matt – Vocals/Lead Vocals

Alex C – Guitar

Max – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Alex T – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Jimmy Eat World, Transit and Like Pacific. We have loads more though!

2. How did you get your band name?

It kind of fell into place, but it came from a “Moving Mountains” song we all like.

3. How did you all meet?

(Alex C) Matt, Max and Alex T all played in a few bands prior to Seasonal. They were called “Idle States” and the other band “Cascades”. After those bands came to an end they got in touch with me who was looking to get involved in something, and after a few months of writing together we settled on what we were going for with Seasonal.

4. What is your writing process?

(Alex T) When we write we just jam together in a practice room and play through some ideas we all have. Usually something sticks that we all like the sound of so we get the bones of the track down. We’ll then take it to the computer and pick it all apart and get the content sorted, what we like; what we don’t like. Then if we think it’s a cool track we put it on the “this could be a proper record” pile.

5. Plans for a year from now?

(Max) A year from now… we’ve recently just recorded a handful of tracks that we’re going to put out at some point. Perhaps we’ll record some more and potentially put out an album! It’s something we all want to do, but if it’s not the right time we won’t push that. It’s a nice thought though!

6. First gig experience?

(Alex T) Our first gig in this band was a great one! We got to open for Seaway at Scala. It was an amazing first show in any case and still one of the best we’ve played in this band.

7. Biggest challenge so far?

(Matt) I think the biggest challenge so far has just been getting booked in other towns. We’re still trying to get something together for the North of the U.K. There’s a lot of flaky promoters out there!

8. Your dream tour to star on?

(Alex C) It would be a dream to do a tour with Jimmy Eat World! They often pick smaller bands to support them in the UK so to even be on their radar would be insane for us!

9. Favourite thing about performing live?

(Matt) Performing is just something we all love to do. It’s more about us being together and playing what we’ve created, even if it’s 20 or 200 people. It’s important for us and we enjoy it as what we love to do.

10. Favourite song to play live?

(Max) We love playing our song “Headphones” cause it’s basically just about us growing up and what we used to do. It always goes down well for the home crowd cause they understand it.

11. What inspired you for your most recent songs?

(Alex T) A lot of our music is inspired by our day to day lives and what’s happening in our own lives and social groups. Whether it’s a song for a friend, family member or something about anything! We like to keep it pretty ambiguous but like to tell the story.

12. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

(Alex C) We all have different jobs. We have a carpenter, plumber, accountant and a landscaper between us all. We all like to get together and make music and of course go to shows and festivals and get a few beers! The usual.

13. What gear do you use?

(Max) We play fender and Gibson guitars. Vox and Orange amplifiers. AD Drums, Sabien and Dream Cymbals.

14. In your opinion, what’s your best song?

Our new single. It’s coming out 31st May and it’s called Hayfever!

15. Who has the worst dress sense?

(Alex C) I am throwing Matt under the bus for that one!

16. What’s your funniest show story?

(Alex C) We did a show at a tiny venue in Bournemouth in what was essentially a practice studio. We all got extremely drinks because we thought no one would come down to see us…a big bunch of people turned up and we somehow pulled of a great show. Good luck I suppose!

17. Pizza! What do you all have?

(Alex C) Well I’m an anomaly who loves pineapple on pizza. It’s the best.

(Max) I’m vegetarian so I grab the Veggie Deluxe…

(Alex T) I have a half and half of chicken tikka and tuna.

18. Who has the worst tattoo?

(Max) Matt actually got one covered up last year. They were these terrible musical notes in big block black bands. It didn’t look great, he’s now got an awesome piece and they turned it into a twinkly night sky at the top!

19. Most annoying member?

(Alex C) Definitely me! I like to organise everyone. They call it annoying, but hey! Not a great deal would get done otherwise!

20. Fast-forward and you’re all millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Start a record label and give all the bands we think are awesome and underrated/unheard. Bunch of money to live our their dream and get their music in everyone’s ears!

This has been Seasonal from the U.K. you can follow their twitter here > @seasonalbanduk

You can listen to their awesome tracks via Spotify by clicking here.

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