Band Q&A Destroy The Beast, Find The Baby

Today we visit quartet band Destroy The Beast, Find The Baby. A quartet from Bristol, UK.

They’re made up of;

Ash – Vocals

Liam – Bass

Dan – Guitar

George – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

I think we all have wildly different answers to that individually, but as a band I guess we’d say;

  1. Four Year Strong
  2. New Found Glory
  3. A Day To Remember

2. How did you get your band name?

The band name is actually a quote from an old movie. I’ll leave everyone to find out for themselves and not ruin it… Ash saw the movie years before we became a band and always wanted to use it, so it came in handy for when we finally became a band.

3. How did you all meet?

Ash started the band in the summer of 2015 with a couple of guys. Liam saw an advert from them looking for a bassist and he joined late 2015. Liam had known Dan since he was a kid as they grew up learning guitar together, so we brought him in shortly after to complete the band. George has been a recent addition after a few line-up shuffles. He joined us roughly a year ago.

4. What is your song writing process?

It normally starts with a riff, often Dan will bring one or two and we will piece it all together into a song structure, then the bass and drums. Ash will then write the lyrics or add some stored lyrics to the melody to fit. Then it’s a case of adding bits as we go and slowly building it into some cohesive.

5. What are your plans for a year from now?

We’ve recently wrapped up recording for our next EP. A few things are still being done behind the scenes before it’s released, but hopefully it’s out later this year.

So a year from now we will be hoping this EP shows people what we can do. We’ll be playing shows in support of it and trying to continue to grow our fan base and meet as many of the lovely people who come to our gigs.

6. First gig experience?

Our first gig together was in a tiny, sweaty venue in the upstairs of a pub in Bristol. The stage was so small that we all struggled to get on and I (Liam) played with my back against the wall most of the time. But that really felt like the start. We’d moved away from just practicing and we felt like a real band that night.

7. Biggest challenge so far?

We’ve had to deal with a few line up changes recently, which did slow our momentum down a bit, but we’re happy that we have come out the other side with a strong line up and our best songs to date!

8. Your dream tour to star on?

If we all got to pick one band each to tour with it would probably end up being;

  • Every Time I Die
  • The Smith Street Band
  • Alexisonfire 
  • Fall Out Boy if they promise to only play stuff from the first 4 albums

9. Favourite thing about performing live?

Honestly, it’s normally talking to people after. Performing live is great fun, nothing beats it on a good day. But having a chat and getting to meet the people that enjoy our music is so humbling and heart warming. It’s so nice to hear that other people enjoy the music we put our hearts into!

10. Favourite song to play live and why?

‘Always A Lighthouse’, a song that will be on our new EP. The main riff is super bouncy and fun to play, the chorus is great to jump around to, and the breakdown to end the song is HARD. We already play it live so some people will know what we mean, but we’re excited for everyone else to hear it when it’s released.

11. What inspired these songs?

Our new songs are all quite nautical, so the inspiration would be the sea, for she is a cruel mistress. Along with many other cruel mistresses in our lives…

12. What do you do when you’re not musically involved? 

Liam – runs a movie review website (whataranker on Instagram) so is constantly at the cinema, gotta keep up to date with all the latest flics!

Ash – hosts a bad movie podcast (Shlock Tactics), so is normally doing the opposite and watching terrible movies to joke about.

Dan – he’s a football chap, so goes to a cold field in shorts and kicks balls.

George – George is still a bit of an enigma, all we really know is that he likes yogurt covered things, he’s about that yogurt life, rock n roll!

13. What gear do you use?

We are really bad when it comes to gear, we are not gear heads at all!

Instrument wise, Liam uses a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass. Dan mainly uses a Schecter C1 Stealth guitar with a Blackstar ID60 head. We have had a rotation of different amps and drums, it’s normally just what we can get our hands on or what people will let us borrow, DIY/broke band style

14. In your opinion, what’s your best song?  

Of the songs we’ve released I think we’d say Mom’s Spaghetti is our best, which is why we wanted to do a video for it.

But we do think that we have really upped our game on this upcoming EP and all of the songs on there will hopefully blow the last EP out of the water!

15. Who has the worst dress sense? 

Ohhhh harsh question, trying to make us turn on each other haha! Well one day in the studio last month 3 of us unknowingly wore a denim jacket on the same day and George was the only one who didn’t, so were going to throw him under the bus here for not being on the same weird wave length.

16. Funniest show story?

(Liam) A few months ago we played a show in the basement of a bar. Right before our set I thought I would go upstairs to the bar and get a pint of water, sensible, stay hydrated on stage. On the way back down the stairs I slipped on a beer covered step and stacked it all the way down. Smacked my head a few times on the way down, chipped a tooth, definitely had a concussion, as well as a now empty pint glass and a shirt covered in water….got straight on stage, played the show in a auto pilot haze.

Wasn’t too amusing at the time but you best believed I’ve been ribbed about it non stop since, we can laugh about it now!

17. Pizza! What do you all have?

Liam – Ham and Pineapple, I’ll fight anyone about that!

Ash – Anchovies.

Dan – Ham and Mushroom.

George – Chorizo, what a fancy man!

18. Who has the worst tattoo?

Ash has by far the most tattoos, he has a little violin on the inside of his hand and a tiny bow on his finger so he can play the worlds smallest violin when people moan.

He also has “Punx” on the inside of his bottom lip…it’s like we always knew this interview was coming!

19. Most annoying member?

I guess I’d say me (Liam). Just because I’m kind of the behind the scenes manager, constantly making sure we’ve got everything in place for gigs, working our set list orders, doing all the detailed planning, so I’m sure that stuff would annoy the guys sometimes.

20. Fast Forward and you’re all millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Collectively put it in a massive pile so we can swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck!

This has been ‘Destroy The Beast, Find The Baby. 

If you like their answers give them a follow on twitter and facebook.

Listen to some top tracks by clicking this link.



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