Band Q&A – The Wildhood

The Wildhood are a quintet from St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada! They’re made up of;

  • Tom – Vocals
  • Andrew – Lead Guitar
  • Dave – Rhythm Guitar
  • Sebastian – Drums
  • Brad – Bass

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

That’s a really hard one to just pick 3. We all come from extremely different musical backgrounds. We listen to jazz to deathcore (and obviously pop punk), Brad listens to top 40 on top of selective amounts of pop punk. The best answer would probably be; 

  1. State champs
  2. Broadside
  3. Seaway 

2) How did you get your band name?

This question is actually our favorite because it’s so simple and ridiculous. Our guitarist Dave saw an RV commercial that mentioned the word Wildhood as a play on the word childhood, and he immediately thought that’d be a cool name and it just kind of stuck with us after that!

3) How did you all meet?

The band originally formed in 2016 when Tom replied to Dave’s Kijiji ad looking for a singer. Eventually in 2017, we added Brad on bass, as he and Dave had known each other through being in other bands in our area previously. We found Seb to be our full-time drummer after our original one left. Our final member change was late 2018 when our original lead guitarist Tony, left the band to focus on life outside of music and we found Andrew. Once Andrew joined, we could tell that this was it. This is how the band was meant to be.

4) What is your song writing process?

Well, I (Andrew) have only been around for the writing process of two songs (they’ll be released in the summer sometime). For both of those songs Dave and I had the main chords and lead parts written and had voice memo’d them. When we brought them to the band we built the rest of the song up in our jam space, that way we all had input into the final product, and we all could help each other when trying to think of parts for the song. We liked doing it that way a lot, and that’s how we’ll continue forward.

5) Plans for a year from now? 

We’ve actually been discussing that a lot recently. It really depends on how the streaming numbers do on our upcoming releases. Our Sophomore EP is being released within the month, then we have those two singles I mentioned above coming out sometime in the summer. We’re thinking that the numbers will get us to a point where we feel confident doing a Canada-wide tour at the minimum, and if they do really well, we’d like to spend the money to get our US visas and do some shows south of the border!

6) First gig experience?

On one of the band’s first weekend runs, we stayed at a friend’s house, and pretty sure we all got bedbugs or something, because we were itching for the next 2 days of that run. Besides that, it’s mostly simple stuff, like how many venues for bands our size turn into a club after the show, but the only place to carry gear is down a flight of stairs that is also the only entrance for that club, so that’s always a fun time!

7) Biggest challenge?

That’s a hard one. We’d say probably just member changes. The band has been in existence since 2016, but we’ve collectively agreed that we only really ‘became’ a band at the beginning of the year. Since then we’ve a lot of attention, and we feel like we’re ready for the next step.

8) Your dream tour to star on?

Damn. It’s a little different for all of us, but I think we could all agree on State Champs and Seaway. That would be awesome!

9) Favourite thing about performing live?

One of the biggest things that I’m sure any performer loves is seeing people sing your words back to you. We recently played a show to 150 people in our hometown. It’s very special when a good chunk of those people are singing the words to our song ‘Barker Street’. When you don’t need to listen to your monitor to know where you are in a song because people are singing so loud, it’s such a cool feeling.

10) Favourite song to play live?

That one is going to have a lot of mixed answers depending on who you ask. Aha the two newest songs we wrote and are releasing in the summer are so much fun to play live. The first one is called ‘For The Record’, it has a bit of an indie/pop-rock feel so people (including us) start dancing to it. The other song ‘Wide Awake’, is a straight up pop-punk song. It has crazy energy to it, a real fun breakdown that makes us want to throw down, and it’s got a crazy catchy chorus. I (Andrew) personally love ‘Wide Awake’ so much, as I wrote the chords to the song about 8 or 10 years ago, and I got really discouraged as there were no bands to join, so I thought the song would go to waste, but I joined The Wildhood, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It’s a little bit of self-satisfaction for 12 year old me.

11) What inspired you to your most recent songs?

We’d say the new lineup did a lot. We have new motivation to write songs and be the best band possible. We also really wanted to change things up while still being us. We use a lot of effects to compliment our playing, which brings a new feel to the songs, so we really wanted to incorporate that into the new songs, and built the songs around that.

12) What do you do when you’re not musically involved? 

We all work full time (Andrew is a student) so that takes up a good chunk of our time. We are all big into music, so it takes up a lot of our lives, Dave does all our our recordings, Brad plays in a cover band, and Tom and Andrew spend a lot of time writing acoustic stuff. We don’t have a lot of time outside of music haha. We love baseball, so we watch the Blue Jays if we have time.

13) What gear do you use?

I (Andrew) personally am using a Parker p-42 into an orange rockerverb 50 head with too many pedals to name but the main part in my tone is two stacked blues drivers and a bunch of walrus audio pedals. Dave uses a Gibson LP (I think studio) into Mashall JCM 800 and his pedal rig. Both of us use orange 4x12s. Brad uses a fender P bass into an ampeg (I believe a b2ra) but is planning on switching to a dark glass at some point.

14) In your opinion, what’s your best song?

‘Wide awake’. That’s one our new ones that we’re releasing in the summer. It’s a very technical song, there’s a lot happening, but the rhythm and lead parts trade harmonies for the entire song, which makes a really nice arrangement even with just he guitars, then everything else on top of that sounds amazing!

15) Who has the worst dress sense?

None of us has bad dress sense necessarily, but Seb and Andrew try to push their outfits to be pretty different, Seb especially tries to push boundaries, he makes some of his own clothing by merging different designer brands and such into one, so I mean that puts Brad and Dave a little behind outfit-wise when they’re just wearing plain black, but I don’t think their fashion sense is bad.

16)  Funniest show story?

I don’t think that we’ve had any specific gigs or tours that were themselves funny, but a pretty common occurrence is our singer, Tom, will misplace stuff easily, so we spend a little bit of time every gig looking for anything from his wallet to keys.

17) Pizza! What do you have?

This is a pretty big internal conflict. Seb likes Hawaiian, which we’re not about. Anything passed pepperoni and bacon might turn into WW3, especially while in the studio haha!

18) Who has the worst tattoo?

Probably Seb. He has 3 tattoos that were layered over each other on his ankle. In grade 10 He tattooed a square on his ankle in a mini van parked on a beach with a Sewing needle, a year later after a long New Years night he decided to do a “walk in” at a Niagara Falls tattoo shop (which will stay unnamed) and cover it up with a key hole, came out with what looked like 2 blobs of ink, a year later standing behind the counter at the skate shop he was working at on a snowy day he tattooed a dagger over it all…

19) Most annoying member?

Oof that’ll start an internal war, but honestly probably me (Andrew). I talk a lot, and naturally project my voice a lot louder than I should, so in other words, I can be obnoxious sometimes.

20) Fast forward and you’re all millionaires. What do you do with the money?

DO NOT GIVE US MONEY. We’re all pretty major gear heads, so all that money would be blown on creating wet-dry rigs, and on more guitars and boutique pedals than we could possibly need.

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