New Blink 182 Single – Blame It On My Youth

Blink 182 – Blame It On My Youth

After the band released ‘california’ in 2016 the band have been working hard to follow up the previous album. Still with the addition of Matt Skiba Blink 182 took quite a turn with their newest track ‘blame it on my youth’ after announcing their tour with rap artist Lil Wayne.

The song is clearly about the band reminiscing about their youth and various mentions of their previous work within the track. The line ‘I’ve been lost since 1999’ could be referring to Blink’s breakout album ‘Enema of the State’. And the line ‘I was bored to death so i started a band’ clearly references the single ‘Bored to Death’

The track does show some deviation from the band’s previous album and it is clear in which direction this latest album will go. The newer, highly processed sound has lost a lot of the ‘Blink sound’. So for hardcore Blink fans this may be a disappointment. I personally like that the band are going for a new sound, however, it would be nice to hear some more tried and true Blink elements come through on the upcoming album.

‘Blame It On My Youth’ can be found on all streaming platforms

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