Concert Review – Woes

‘Losing Time with Woes’ – Concert Review

Have you ever liked a band so much that you drove seven hours to see them in concert? Seeing Scottish band Woes open for punk-legends, Millencolin on their European tour was definitely reason enough for me to get my dad to drive me from Zurich (Switzerland) to Cologne (Germany) for their show on April 26th. Since I only went there for Woes – I didn’t know a single Millencolin song – and the show had already been sold out when Woes were announced as the opening band, their bassist/vocalist Sean Duddy was kind enough to put me on the guest list.

Pretty much exactly one year ago I saw them for the first time and they instantly caught my attention with their fun and energetic live performance.

When I got to the venue (Carlswerk Victoria) it was 15:00 and I had to wait for four hours until the doors opened. During that time, I didn’t really have a lot to do but I did get the chance to talk to Woes’ vocalist/guitarist David Jess (DJ), their guitarist Luke Bovill and their drummer Ryan Neish (Neishy) which was really cool. After waiting patiently, the doors finally opened but to my surprise, there were very few people waiting in line. But when we got into the concert hall it started to fill up quite quickly. Now there was only one hour left until their set finally started. Being one of the few people who knew Woes I got asked a lot about them e.g. where they were from, what their names were, what I thought their best song was, etc. This showed me that people were genuinely interested in getting to know them. At 20:00 they opened the show with one of my personal favorites “Losing Time”.

From the first second on you could feel the energy that filled the room. Their amazing stage presence shows off great talent and professionalism. You can see how much fun they’re having but at the same time how serious they take what they’re doing and how they want the crowd to have the best time. Being the opening band they only had 30 minutes on stage and therefore they could only play seven songs. My personal highlight was their performance of their newest song “Money Shoe”. The special mix between different genres has something refreshing to it and it’s something I have never heard before.

Even though the majority of the people didn’t know the words to the songs the crowd seemed to be enjoying the show and there were quite a few people rocking out to the music. Even though the people standing next to me kept staring at me weirdly I sang along as loudly as I could and I was just jumping and dancing around the whole time. A few people joined in which I really appreciated.

I stood in the back during Millencolin’s performance and as expected they were really great as well. The crowd was obviously having a lot of fun and everyone was singing along to the songs, which sadly, I didn’t know.

After the concert Woes were at the merch table talking and interacting with people. They were kind as always and one can truly see how much they care about their fans. When they meet new fans they always ask for their names, introduce themselves and make sure to have enough time to talk to everyone. By that I don’t mean saying “Hi” and then leave but really having a conversation with concert-goers.

In conclusion I’d say that the concert was definitely worth the long drive and I would totally do it again. I’ve seen Woes five times now and I can for sure say that everyone should see them at least once in their life, their shows were some of my favorite ones ever. I really believe their new album “Awful Truth”(out on June 28th) will be a great success and open a lot of doors for them.

“Good vibes change lives.”

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