Band Q&A – Earthstate

Today we caught up with ‘Earthstate’. A band based in Lyon, France! Their members are;

  • Stane – Vocals
  • Max – Guitar
  • Dewi – Bass
  • Thibs – Drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. A Day To Remember
  2. Angels and Airwaves 
  3. Issues

2) How did you get your band name?

We made a list of hundreds of names and Earthstate was the first one that everyone agreed with. At first it didn’t have a particular signification to it, we just wanted something that sounded cool for our french ears. 

3) How did you all meet?

Stane and Max met each other on a chat for musicians on the internet. They decided to build the project, and I (Dewi) joined them after answering to an ad on social media. Then we all met some drummers in our hometown to complete the line-up, Thibs joined us a few days later.

4) What is your song writing process?

We chose to write the whole album all together in the same room. It’s not the fastest or the most efficient method, but we wanted to be sure that every member is involved in the process and could give their ideas and opinions. It took a lot of organisation and time, but the result is one that we are all 100% satisfied with.

5) What are your plans for a year from now?

Our debut album was released in March (2019) and we will play our first show for the release party in June. For a year from now, we will try to play as many shows as possible in France and Europe to support this album. We are already working on new songs for the next one!

6) First gig experience?

We’ve never played as Earthstate, our first show will be in June in Lyon, and we are so excited. But we all have different experiences from our previous bands. Stane and Dewi supported New Found Glory in 2013. Stane in Paris and Dewi in Lyon, but they didn’t know each other at the time! 

7) Biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge so far was dealing with the distance between us at the beginning of the project. Some of us came from different cities in France and had to drive some hours to meet the others in Lyon, where we decided to stay. Fortunately, they moved here some months ago. It’s way easier for the band, but they still have to build a new life in their new hometown!

8) What’s your dream tour to star on?

A world tour with ‘A Day To Remember’, ‘Issues’ and ‘The Story So Far’ would be perfect!

9) Favourite thing about performing?

The contact we have with people. We are so grateful each time we are seeing people enjoying the show, jumping or singing the lyrics! Meeting new friends before and after shows is also the good part of touring and performing.

10) Favourite song to play live?

It will be ‘The Decision’. There’s so much energy in this song! It’s the song we are playing the most on rehearsals: not because we need it, but because we love it.

11) What inspired your recent songs?

The album talks about leaving your life to build another more meaningful, and each song is a step of this journey. Life in general is our main inspiration, we are talking about situations everyone had to face one day in their life.

12) What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

We all have full time jobs during the week. Otherwise, we are trying to see each other some times to hang out like a normal group of friends, playing video games, going to the restaurants, on holidays etc. Having a band is like running a company, so we think it’s important to keep time to think and do other things together to keep our strong friendship and not being just ‘colleagues’.

13) What gear do you use?

Thibs is playing on an acrylic DW drum. Dewi has a fender precision bass, and Max is endorsed by the awesome French brand Third Eye guitars (Annisokay, Chunk, No Captain Chunk, so he uses a Lust For Life Baritone model. We don’t have amps: Dewi uses only a MXR DI pedal, and Max a line 6 HD Pro amp simulator.

14) In your opinion, what’s your best song?

It’s very difficult to be objective on our own work, but we’ll say ‘No Turning Back’. It’s a good mix between our influences, and it reflects very well the general atmosphere of the album. That’s why we chose this song as a first single and first music video.

15) Who has the worst dress sense?

Max for sure, summer is coming with his multicolored shirts…

16) Funniest show story?

It’s not a “gig” story, but we had a funny issue during the shooting of our first music video for “No Turning Back”. Stane was driving for an hour, when he heard a strange noise at the back of the van we had to carry all our gear. He stopped on the side of the road…and discovered his cat hidden behind the amps. He had to go back to his home, and we lost a half day of shooting!

17) Pizza! What do you have?

Max likes classical ones. Stane is ‘flexitarian’ but he will prefer veggies pizzas. Thibs likes when there is weird things on it like vegetables. Dewi likes pizzas with raw ham, and french cheeses like Reblochon…but the most important thing for all of us: the pizza must be big!

18) Who has the worst tattoo?

Good question! They all have very nice tattoos, I’m (Dewi) the only one who never had the balls to do one… I love it, but i’ll say Max’s skater penguin ‘2 cool 4 school’ tat! It’s ridiculous and a masterpiece at the same time!

19) Most annoying member?

Stane because he always has awesome ideas, but we have to guess what he is thinking about all the time. He is also much more perfectionist than any other…but fortunately it’s a very good thing for the band!

20) Fast forward and you’re all millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Buying a huge house in front of the sea, with our own studio and a lot of gear. With food trucks in the garden, next to the pool.

You can follow Earthstate on Twitter or Facebook.

Listen to top tracks on Spotify.

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