Recent Releases – WSTR

Liverpudlian punk band ‘WSTR’ decided to finally release their cover of the ‘All American Rejects – Gives You Hell’ after teasing about it on social media last week. With the band all going to see the 1975 on their recent UK tour, it seems they have taken inspiration from them as they decided to give the fans a cover of ‘Give Yourself a Try’.

We’ll start with ‘Gives You Hell’. Sammy begins the track off with the same gruff, raw vocals we experienced on their debut EP ‘SKRWD’. It seems as though WSTR could be heading in a ‘heavier’ direction in their next album, much like Trash Boat and Boston Manor have. WSTR covered the legendary anthem with ease and with their own dynamic twist. I for one love this cover, and I’m sure there are many more people out there who agree with me!

Listen to ‘Gives You Hell

When I saw they’d released a cover by The 1975 I was skeptical, at first…How wrong was I? ‘Give Yourself a Try’ is a masterpiece! The angels have spoken to us through the vocals of frontman, Sammy Clifford. The main riff is so catchy and you will not be able to stop moving your head, along with the pumping drum beat intertwining with it. With this single, it shows the band could head in the opposite direction I spoke about before, they could be led to a more ‘pop’ based sound, such as the 1975.

Listen to ‘Give Yourself a Tryimg_2285

Finally, we do now know that Andrew Makin (drummer) has left WSTR. It should be interesting to see who replaces him, or who will take his part at Slam Dunk Festival in less than 2 weeks. A lot of people have joked of WSTR being a ‘cult’ due to having so many members come and go.

WSTR are still working hard to put out new music and I’m sure we will hear a new single in the coming months and have a new album out before the year is over.

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