Band Q&A – Foxbite

Today we caught up with U.K. band ‘Foxbite’ based in Hereford. Members are;

  • Steve Goode – Vocals
  • James Ling – Lead Guitar
  • Tom Beddard – Rhythm Guitar
  • Isaac Appleby – Bass
  • Matt Ling – Drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

We take influence from lots of different bands and artists, local and larger, but I think the bands who’ve had the biggest impact in the music we write and the way we write it would be;

  1. Blink-182
  2. Iron Maiden 
  3. American Football 

2) How did you get your band name?

The name ‘Foxbite’ was brought about pretty randomly. We’d already written a couple of songs and were having a few beers one night whilst trying to come up with a name for the project. There was a story around illegal fox hunting at the time and we all landed on the concept of using the word ‘fox’ in our name. From there we threw around various words until one stuck and we were happy with Foxbite!

3) How did you all meet?

Most of us were at school together. James, Matt and Tom were a few years above Steve, but we liked the same music and were aware of each other. After school they had formed a band and so had Steve, so we were all in the same circles and at the same shows locally and stuff. When their band decided to call it a day and Steve had made the decision to leave his band too, we all got together for a jam and everything just clicked. Isaac was a friend of Steve’s from way back and joined later when we found the need for a bass player, he was our first shout and everything fell into place.

4) What is your song writing process? 

Between us we have a relatively decent recording rig, so what usually happens is that someone will record the basis of a song and the rest of us will add elements and ideas to it before getting together and trying it live and loud. James typically writes most of the instrumental elements, while Steve writes the vocal melodies and lyrics. By the time we get the idea into the live room and everybody’s added their flare to it, the song can sound pretty different from the original demo. We’ll also sometimes write stuff together over a few beers, but we’re quite fortunate that if any of us have a random spike of inspiration, we can get the idea down and rolling without having to wait until we’re next all together.

5) Plans for a year from now? 

Make as much noise and as many friends as possible. We want to play to as many people as we can in as many places as we can and just really get out there and push the music! We have some more singles coming out in the next couple of months and we’d hope to have a few more out again before the end of the year.

6) First gig experience?

Our first gig was at a really cool venue in South Wales called ‘The Dragonffli’ in Pontypool. It was really good, we were a bit nervous having not played to a crowd yet but we had great support from friends and other bands and it was a really good night! It was a brilliant first show, really took the confidence up a level and we had a blast.

7) Biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge so far has been finding the balance between funding the things we want to do and realistically getting them done. It’s so costly to record and film music videos and travel to shows and have merch printed, important things we all absolutely adore doing and just want to do all of the time but realistically have to plan and schedule efficiently. It’s really easy to get frustrated wanting to get everything done immediately when some things just aren’t quite ready.

8) Your dream tour to star on?

I think any tour beyond the UK would be an absolute dream. We’re also huge fans of events like Kerrang’s annual tour, and the festival circuits like Slam Dunk and Warped Tour. It would be pretty overwhelming to play on any of those or any like them!

9) Favourite thing about performing?

It’s the chance to really let off some steam and try and give other people a reason to do the same. It’s a Massive endorphin and adrenaline rush when you’re up there and people are nodding their heads and throwing each other around and singing your words back at you. For me (Steve) the best thing about performing is the feeling itself you get from doing it. Gigs are also a great chance to meet new people and make new friends and that part is invaluable.

10) Favourite song to play live?

It’s really hard to choose! Every song we play we tend to really give it all and love playing each of them. If we had to It’d be ‘Hardly Slept At All’ or ‘Mirrors’. Hardly Slept At All is really fun and bouncy and it’s pretty easy to learn the chorus on hearing it the first time, so crowd response is always really great. Mirrors is a slower one, but probably one of our more passionate songs and Steve tends to really lose himself in it on stage and it gives us all an amazing feeling.

11) What inspired your recent songs? 

‘Nauticus’ was inspired by a sense of lost control, really hitting rock bottom and trying to pick yourself back up. Our upcoming single Hardly Slept At All (due for release this summer) explores themes of anxiety and heartbreak and the vices we use to cope with them, while our following single ‘Wrong & Unable’ is themed heavily around the current state of politics in the UK and in America, largely inspired by Brexit, Trump, the vilification of immigrants and refugees, the rise in knife crime and cuts to the NHS.

12) What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Honestly there aren’t many days of the week where we aren’t doing anything musically involved! We all work relatively normal day jobs to fund our music habit; Tom is an engineer, James is a teacher, Matt and Isaac work in IT and Steve works for a recycling company.

13) In your opinion, What’s your best song?

That’s such a tough question! Personally I (Steve) think our best song is on the newest album we’ve written, we have a big backlog of songs down so I don’t want to say too much but I think it’d be fair to say that with every song we write, we get better at it.

14) Who has the worst dress sense?

Probably James. He’s been wearing the same clothes for 10 years. In all honesty we’re all pretty normal when it comes to fashion, we wear a lot of High Dive Apparell, a local Herefordshire based company or band tees.

15) Funniest show story?

At our last Hereford show, Isaac had a surge of passion and went from the stage into the crowd, absolutely nailing the bass guitar while not realising the tuner was on for a few minutes. That was pretty funny.

16) Pizza! What do you all have?

Tom has a four cheeses, Steve goes with the vegetarian, James and Matt have a vegan/dairy free base with veggies and Isaac has mozzarella with olives.

17) Who has the worst tattoo?


18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

  • Isaac would like to own a record store cafe.
  • James would start a charity to help kids from non traditional backgrounds or low socio-economic to access/play instruments on an open a studio, which again provides people from poorer backgrounds to record, so income is no longer an impediment to good bands recording.
  • Matt, Tom and Steve would do similar things, start a label, a venue, a merch line, something to invest back into the music and the scene. Tom would also like to fly a plane.

You can follow Foxbite on Twitter or Facebook.

Listen to tracks on Spotify.

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