Concert Review – Movements

Submerged in Movements – 13/05/2019

One of the best feelings someone could have is watching their favorite band grow, however, an even better feeling than watching them grow is seeing it for yourself in person. Headlining and selling out big venues is something every band dreams of accomplishing. Seeing the band that saved my life do just that is a feeling that goes beyond words.

On May 13, 2019, Movements brought their headline tour to Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although having early entry, I still showed up four hours before doors opened and just hung out while listening to sound check. Eventually, others had showed up and in the end I had three new concert friends.

The tour was supported by Drug Church, Trash Boat, and Boston Manor. Each of them being a powerhouse of their own and bringing all they had to the stage made it a truly killer lineup. Although some of the crowd may not have known the words or even knew the bands, they had no problem getting every person in the venue to liven up and have a good time while preparing them for the main event to come.

Movements started out their set with “The Grey” from their album Feel Something. This song has a lot of meaning to my life so it was a great way to kick off all the emotions I would be feeling in the time they were on stage. It then led into “Colorblind,” which was a crowd favorite that got everyone moving. The setlist was made up of twelve hits from their EP ‘Outgrown Things’ and full-length album ‘Feel Something’. Top songs that got the crowd off their feet, crowd surfing, in the pit, include “Third Degree” (a personal favorite), “Full Circle”, and, of course, “Daylily.” They had mentioned during the show how quickly they have grown within the four short years of being a band. This gave light on how talented they truly are and what they mean to so many people.

After the show, I had stuck around to meet up with the boys of Movements and Boston Manor. Although I never got to meet anyone in Boston Manor, eventually I got around to talking with everyone in Movements. The security started to kick people out due to the time and I may not have gotten to say everything I wanted to say to Patrick Miranda (vocals of Movements), but what I did say was enough for me. I really appreciate getting to talk with him about the impact they have had on me since discovering the band and even got Patrick to write out a tattoo for me. I had great conversations with the other members Austin Cressey, Ira George, and Spencer York and luckily was able to get the drumstick I caught signed by all of them. It’s no doubt that they genuinely care about their fans and want to listen to what they have to say.

This tour meant the whole world to me and I am forever grateful for this band. If anyone ever has the opportunity to see Movements live, take it! Even if you’ve seen a set of theirs at a festival type event, their headliners have a whole different kind of energy that is truly indescribable. I promise you won’t be disappointed and they will put on a great show for you. I can’t wait to see what is to come for Movements and everything they will soon bring to the table. For now, continue to stream Feel Something and give your endless support to this amazing group of talented people.

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