Concert Review – Wheatus

‘Americans in Amster-Hull?!’

Legendary rockers ‘Wheatus’ hit the U.K. on a huge run all around England, Wales and Scotland, Performing at ‘The Welly’ – Hull on the 18th May 2019. They took on support from ‘Gabrielle Sterbenz & Lady Danger’ who had amazing soulful vocals. They also had ‘Frank Hamilton’, a one man acoustic performer. I had seen him just before going on stage and he looked very nervous. This was soon resolved after his first song, in which the crowd gave a huge reaction and from there he was loving life!

Wheatus kicked off their 16-song setlist with ‘Break it, don’t buy it’ from their ‘The Valentine LP’ then going into ‘You and your stoopid guitar’. They then did their older, more succesful stuff like ‘Lemonade’, ‘Leroy’ and ‘Truffles’. The real crowd pleasers that get everybody rockin’ and singing along. They Then went on to do their famous cover of Erasure’s “A Little  Respect’, and killing it in the process!

Following that cover, shortly after, they did their ‘Chan’s the man’ in which they made the room go into mesmerising stature. Straight after with their classic hit ‘Hump’Em N’ Dump’Em’ left the multi-generational supports in awe at their sweeping performance!

A nice little gift was hearing a song called ‘Michelle’ and announcing that it would be on an upcoming album, so keep your eyes peeled! A personal favourite of mine ‘American in Amsterdam’ pursued this and left me with huge buzz to see them sing this so perfectly. Brendan B Brown (vocals and guitar) did very well interacting with the Hull crowd. Cracking a few jokes and even perfecting their unique dialect, of which was met with a rapturous applause.

They continued onto songs such as Sunshine and Mr. Brown. Before concluding their performance with, can you guess it? Teenage Dirtbag of course! The ‘nerd punk’ singer wore his famous bucket hat to perform the monumental anthem. Once getting to the female part of the song, they left the room to sing it back to them and they were in shock & awe at the boisterous, intense vocals being thrown back their way! Goosebumps!

I would highly recommend going to see Wheatus if you get the chance. They’re humorous, talented and overall amazing to see!

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