Band Q&A – Dep Run

We spoke to Dep Run, a trio out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! The trio consist of;

  • Mark – Vocals/Bass
  • Jake – Guitar
  • Pierce – Drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Blink-182
  2. New Found Glory 
  3. Taking Back Sunday 

2) How did you get your band name?

Well, Ottawa, the city we’re from, is right across the river from a town called ‘Gatineau’. Gatineau is in the province of Quebec, which has typically laxer liquor laws and speaks predominately French. Their corner stores are called ”Depanneurs” and sell beer for pretty cheap. Anyway as underage kids in Ontario we’d head over the bridge for a “Dep Run” to get beers. Lots of people in this region use the term.

3) How did you meet?

The three of us met in middle school and all grew up in the west end of Ottawa. We’ve known each other for what seems like forever, and have played in a bunch of bands together over the years.

4) What is your song writing process?

Well, it changes a bit each song. In general, somebody will bring a riff or rough song outline to the group. Then the other members will add things, make suggestions, and edit it. The last piece is usually the vocal melody and lyrics, which comes from Mark 99% of the time. Also, in contrast to bands we’ve been in, in the past, we don’t rely on jamming or rehearsals to dictate the song-writing. It’s more organized and sometimes we even do it over email, sending ideas back and forth.

5) What are your plans for a year from now?

Well, we are set to release another single very soon! (May 24). We also plan to release another 4 song EP in early summer, sometime in June hopefully. We are always writing so we’ll see what happens after that! Maybe a gig this summer to coincide with the release!

6) First gig experience?

Well, for this band, it’s still coming! We haven’t done one yet. However, our first time playing live together, we played a school coffeehouse which must have been like 18 years ago now, in our cafeteria. We were going pretty crazy given the audience was mainly just sitting there, probably thinking, “what the hell?” But it definitely kick started our love for live performances. It’s always been fun, and that’s the whole point, right?

7) Biggest challenge?

Balancing between being our own worst critic and also not settling for songs we’re not happy with. We all have our own opinions and sometimes disagree; those can be strengths, but you don’t want to be too critical or the songs will never get released! So just striking a balance between doing our best work but also not sabotaging ourselves and never releasing anything.

8) Favourite thing about performing?

Mainly hanging out with great friends doing something we love. It’s selfish in a way; but truthfully, with busy personal lives, work, & responsibilities – playing music together is really a release. A healthy way to detach a bit and just focus on enjoying life. 

9) Favourite song to play live? 

Honestly, it’s usually the newest one we have at the moment! For example, there’s a song on our upcoming EP called “Meadowlands” that we really love to play. However, big picture, as a band, we’d say it’s “Park Party”, which was the first song we ever wrote/released. It really encapsulates our sound and what we’re trying to do. And we’re not totally sick of it yet!

10) What inspired your recent songs? 

Well, musically, it’s always a huge mix of things. We try and balance a bit of the pop melody with heavier parts, because we find both those things fun. All the bands we listen to influence us in some way. Lyrically, Mark handles most of it; they often deal with the passing of time. The relationships that fade in and out of your life over time, as well as the ones that are constant. A bit of reminiscing, a bit of self-reflection. Plenty of self-doubt!

11) What do you do when you’re not musically involved? 

Well we all have office jobs now which is good for security but tough for scheduling! Outside of our busy lives of work and family, we like to play soccer (footy!) and play video games, all the usual stuff. Mainly though, when we get together socially, we end up at the computer, guitar in hand, trying out new song ideas!

12) In your opinion, what’s your best song? 

Well….That’s a hard one, isn’t it. But going out on a limb and saying our upcoming next two singles, which we’ll be announcing soon! The first one is called, “Mordor” and will be released May 24. Stay tuned for the name and date of release for the 2nd single! It’ll be out in early June. They’ll both be part of our next EP which is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of June.

13) Who has the worst dress sense?

Let’s say Pierce. Less swag. But all substance though! Mark is an innovator, Jake is timeless style personified in human form.

14) Funniest show story?

Well, we have to go back in the archives to our old band. We had played a show in downtown Ottawa with a pretty crusty, aggressive punk band. During their set, their singer was climbing around and standing on tables in the bar and just harassing people (including us), yelling and swearing at us. It was funny because there were NOT a lot of people there…so it just felt really sad and awkward. Not as “punk rock cool”, but more “disrespectful to the VERY few people who gave a shit enough to show up.

15) Pizza! What you having?

Damn…going veggies on this. Also we have a pizza type called “Canadian” that we used to love as kids, it has bacon, pepperoni and mushroom. It was pretty tasty but I don’t know if it’s just Canada trying to think it’s special by naming a pizza type after itself. Especially a type that generic!

16) Most annoying member?

Pierce. Means well, but sometimes…

17) Who has the worst tattoo?

Only Mark has one, which is really cool, but I can’t disclose it. Top secret.

18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Probably make our own professional grade studio, honestly. It would be amazing to have the best infrastructure and no real time constraints. Put money back into the band to make the lifestyle as comfortable as possible. Tour bus! Pierce has to buy drum lessons…

You can follow Dep Run on Twitter or Facebook.

Listen on Spotify.

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