Band Q&A – Drive, Kid

We spoke to ‘Drive, Kid’ who are located in New Jersey, USA! Drive, Kid are;

  • Nick- Guitar/Vocals
  • Mark – Guitar/Vocals
  • Steve – Bass/Vocals
  • Connor – drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Four Year Strong
  2. The Wonder Years
  3. State Champs 

2) How did you get your band name?

The band name just kind of came to Nick the summer prior to the bands inception. we know that sounds lame as hell and to be honest it is. Mark and Nick have actually put more effort into making up a neat backstory for the name rather than how it actually happened!

3) How did you all meet?

So Steve and Nick go way back, they’ve known each other since middle school and have always enjoyed music together. We met mark on Facebook looking for college roommates. I (Nick) messaged him and we instantly hit it off. We didn’t meet in person until move-in day in our freshman year of college, and that’s when we started writing music. We put out an acoustic EP. Around that time I asked out a girl named Hannah and she let me down because she had plans to see this other dude. Hannah quickly became friends mark and I and that’s when she introduced us to her now-boyfriend Connor, who we had a vibe with almost instantly. It also helped that he’s an insanely talented drummer. We went through some lineup changes regarding our bassist but we wound up recruiting Steve after I asked him to fill in on some shows about 2 years ago. And now here we are, 3 EP’s and an LP later!

4) What is your song writing process?

All the music that’s currently available for download on major streaming services was written primarily by Nick and Mark. The two of them would write music individually and together, eventually stringing all of their ideas into a fully arranged song, which we then bring to Steve and Connor to hash out into a full band song. This process is now the past though as now we’re actively working towards writing as a collective, because Steve and Connor are amazing musicians and songwriters. The next album will have some songs written/sung primarily by Steve, and we’re super excited to share them with you in the future because they slap!

5) What are your plans for a year from now?

For the next half of 2019 going into next year we have plans for more video content and perhaps a single. We’ll see how things pan out after that but we’ll likely go into the studio for our next LP.

6) First gig experience?

The first time we performed together was on July 1st in Connor’s girlfriends living room. IT WAS INSANE.

7) Biggest challenge?

Juggling promoting/managing/doing the band with school and work has never been easy for us as a collective, but we do it because we love it and at the end of day making music together will always be fun. We just want to share the joy it brings us with those around us!

8) Favourite thing about performing?

We love seeing people in the crowd smiling and having fun, that’s an amazing feeling right there. Performing with bands we’re friends with is always a mad good time too!

9) Favourite song to perform live?

‘Burn Book’ and ‘December 11th’ are super fun to play live! They’re very energetic and get people pumped up. The first time we played Burn Book was at a basement show in Manasquan, it was pretty packed. We opened with that song and by the time we got to the breakdown we started to see people moshing. I’m pretty sure that was our first legit mosh pit. December 11th is a song I (Nick) wrote for my girlfriend because I’m a big dummy and I love her. It also has a disgusting breakdown, because why the hell not, and it has a pretty memorable chorus.

10) What inspired your recent songs? 

The new stuff we’ve been writing covers a plethora of topics that all revolve around the concept of distance and separation in terms of human behavior. I guess it was brought on by an amalgamation of recent world occurrences and what it’s like being a young adult, and how your views on relationships can shift and how you grow as a person. ‘With Enjoy Being and Picturesque’ however, those songs were mainly about relationships and finding yourself in new situations that put you out of your comfort zone.

11) What do you do when you’re not musically involved? 

We’re all full time students. Mark and Nick are seniors in college, studying music industry and public relations respectively, Steve is trying to get his associates degree in communications and Connor is studying music tech at Rowan. We love hanging out with each other and just goofing around being dumb and stuff. We all  love Netflix and Mark is a huge movie nerd.

12) In your opinion, what’s your best song? 

We’d recommend people check out our song “hey october”! We put out a music video for it in February and you can find it on our YouTube channel.

13) Who has the worst dress sense? 

Nick, one day he went to get breakfast wearing socks and sandals…The socks weren’t even matching! 

14) Funniest show story? 

We have a few. One time we played a show in a storage unit and Connor got lost during Hey October because he was intoxicated. It was okay because we still managed to keep time. Big thanks to Connor being a sentient metronome. Another time we were playing a basement venue I won’t name, but during our set Nick fell on a wall fan and think he may have broken it. No one seemed to notice so I think we’re in the clear.

15) Pizza! What do you all have? 

I (Nick) have pepperoni and mushroom. Mark likes chicken bacon ranch, because he’s fancy and educated. If I had to guess what Connor’s favorite pizza topping is, it would probably be TV static, but I would be wrong because It’s buffalo. Steve says he has a pineapple, but we’re all convinced he says that to piss us off.

16) Who has the worst tattoo?

Steve and Connor have cool tattoos and Nick only has a blink 182 logo on the back of his leg. So, that would be him.

17) Most annoying member?

Nick. He is an actual meme and a shenanigan. 

18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

If we were millionaires we’d be donating to lgbtq charities and organisations, make more music and content, buy copious amounts of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in which to bathe, and Mark would make a movie. Mark actually has a great pilot planned out for a series/movie pitch. Eventually it’ll make him rich and famous and we’ll be able to put our music on TBS, likely at the Wednesday night prime time slot. Or something like that.

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