‘Turbulent Review’ – Waterparks

Waterparks Goes Green and Things Get “Turbulent”

The new era is upon us and it’s making us feel a little green. Waterparks released their first single since the release of their sophomore album Entertainment. “SATURDAY 7 PM”- the statement that had everyone in high suspense every weekend. For months, the band would give small hints that turned into large theories made by fans. Everyone being curious of what it could all mean. A new song? Possibly a whole album? However, on April 10, 2019, Awsten Knight (vocals of Waterparks) took to Instagram live to give a special leak of a song titled “Turbulent.” This made fans curious on when the full track would be released (or if it would ever be released). On May 23, “Turbulent” was released as the first single to the new era under their new record deal with Hopeless Records.

The opening line “You had your own Pete Wentz and Patrick combined” starts off the song comparing one of the most iconic duos in music to a once good relationship. However, things turn rough very quick as Knight expresses his lack of empathy, no longer caring about the feelings of another. The song continues into the chorus that is full of regret and anger, but still, very relatable. We’ve all had a relationship where we wish we would just take back all the love and affection that we ever gave. The lyrics explain the period leading up to the end of a relationship being overall unstable and explosive.

The song continues on the same theme of “growing out of what once was” Among all of that, on the other hand, it’s the last minute of the song that nobody was expecting from Waterparks. The high energy beats truly showed that they are not playing any games (besides all their cryptic tweets) with this new era. At the very end, the sounds of a helicopter can be heard which can be related back to the feeling of nervousness going through turbulence while flying in an airplane, much like the same you have when a relationship is falling down. However, this sent fans spiraling and wondering if maybe one day we can spot the boys doing something special in a music video in the near future.

Waterparks has some things cooking up and they’re not slowing down. “Turbulent” is out now on all streaming platforms so be sure to go check it out! There is no doubt we’ll all be jamming out to this hit for months to come.

Stream on Spotify.

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