Band Q&A – Sleep/Less

We caught up with Sleep/Less who are from Winnipeg in Canada! Sleep/Less are;

  • Beau Turner – Vocals/Guitar
  • Brad Wiebe – Guitar/Vocals
  • John Carlo Corsiga – Bass/Vocals

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Foo Fighters
  2. Blink-182
  3. 5 Seconds of Summer

2) How did you get your band name?

I (Brad) came up with it before starting the band because I was going to use it for a solo project. When the band was found I suggested the name but for legal purposes we put a slash in it because so many other people were named sleepless. So we became Sleep/less.

3) How did you all meet?

Brad found Beau (vocalist) on kijiji. He replied to an ad that was posted for a metal band, but shortly after jamming they decided to start a pop rock band. JC (bass) and Brad was in another band together. When the band split JC took time off music but Brad convinced him to just be on the recordings which eventually lead to him joining full time.

4) What is your song writing process?

It usually starts with Brad coming up with a guitar riff or song idea and sending it to Beau and JC. Beau writes lyrics and a vocal melody and sends it back and we adjust accordingly. Other times Beau and JC come up with guitar riffs and presents them to Brad to noodle around with.

5) What are your plans for a from now?

Release our EP in June, have an acoustic EP to release later this year. Followed by a possible 5 month tour being planned currently. As well as finish relocating to Vancouver.

6) First gig experience?

We played a place called ‘Bulldogs Pizza’. It was a cool show, Beau was the drummer for the headlining band years ago, and a friend who I met on set of a film was the opener for a show. It was a very relaxed time, we were only a band for 2 months at the time.

7) Biggest challenge?

Going on our first tour ever which was 5 months long, completely blind. Having our drummer leave mid tour and having to find a replacement, as well as moving a whole band 3 province’s away.

8) What’s the best thing about performing?

The adrenaline rush, when the crowd sings with you, or have their phone lights on waving back and forth. The energy from the crowd when performing.

9) Favourite song to perform live?

Laska, because it’s completely different from our other songs. It starts with just Beau singing and then kicks it like a wall of sound and it just grabs the attention and pulls that energy in.

10) What inspired your recent songs?

Current life situations, prospective and past troubles.

11) What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

JC is a part time nurse, Beau does windows and doors, Brad does acting and entrepreneur endeavors.

12) In your opinion, what’s your best song?

Recorded and released song ‘Always’. Not recorded or released yet ‘Laska’. ‘Always’ was the first song we did where both guitars are playing completely different parts the whole time. It just mashed so well it basically wrote itself. Laska, was a song that was originally written over-complicated but when we decided to open up with vocals before the music kicks in it just had a vibe, then the chorus was just a sing-along that it just became our favourite to play and sing.

13) Who has the worst dress sense?

Beau, usually he just slaps together clothes from his closet and usually doesn’t care how it looks. It’s usually horror movie T-shirts or band shirts. The shirts have be black only, and it’s usually the same pair of pants.

14) Funniest show story?

Beau was talking about our band on stage bantering and he goes “were sleep slash less” the rest of the guys shook their heads and laughed, Beau is also prone to knocking over mic stands.

15) Pizza! What do you all have?

Everything possible, we love it all, but Beau hates pineapple on pizza.

16) Most annoying member?

It was our ex drummer who left mid tour. Dramatic and always asked if he was getting kick out of the band.

17) Who has the worst tattoo?

Beau, first tattoo, it’s supposed to be a black rose on his right hand, but the needle was so thick that it actually looks like a fish bone instead.

18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Each have a huge house, some nice cars. Support all families and friends. Start a company to help bands grow. Open up a studio, travel a lot, and try some really expensive food.

You can follow Sleep/Less on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen on Spotify

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