Band Q&A – Southbound

Southbound are a 5 piece punk from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Consisting of;

  • Austin Berry – vocals
  • Ethan Banks – Guitar
  • Kyle LeBar – Guitar
  • Jake Bissonette – Bass
  • Aaron Creces – Drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Like Pacific
  2. Knuckle Puck
  3. Senses Fail

2) How did you get your band name?

We are from Southern Ontario so we figured that South was home. So anytime we want to come home, southbound!? Makes no sense but that was it…

3) How did you all meet?

We met late 2017 off an acoustic EP Austin had released under the name Southbound. Aaron, Kyle and Ethan reached out over email after hearing the EP and quickly started writing more songs together. Jake (who has known Aaron for many years) joined a couple months later to complete the 5 piece line up!

4) What is your song writing process?

Austin writes the lyrics and the base outline for the song and then everybody learns it and adds their own flare to their parts. That’s where Southbound is different from most pop punk bands, we all come from different musical backgrounds but all share a love for heavy pop punk/alternative music.

5) What are your plans for a year from now?

Our plans for a year from now are to be touring more and reaching further destinations. As of now we’re about to hit our first Southern Ontario tour this August, hopefully by next year we will be touring the US!

6) First gig experience?

Our first gig was actually pretty great we got lucky. No body would book us because we were so new so we decided to ‘DIY’ our own show in a GREASY Toronto bar basement, I don’t even think the place is open anymore. Anyways the whole place smelt like a toilet and the whole night was confusion at its finest. But everybody who came showed up to have a great time, all the bands played, got paid, everybody left with a smile on their face!

7) Biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge so far has definitely been getting our name and music out there. We’re trying to promote ourselves as much as we can and I think we just have to keep pushing! Other than that everything has just kind of fallen into place very nicely!

8) Favourite thing about performing?

Our favourite thing about performing is the crowed interaction. Nothing makes us more stoked then seeing people singing along to our songs, dancing along with us and just smiling and having a wicked time ! If the crowed is having a good time we must be doing something right!

9) Favourite song to perform live?

Our favourite song to play live has gotta be ‘Hespeler’ for sure, for mostly the same reasons as the last answer. For some reason that seems to be the song of ours that sticks in everyone’s head and every time we play it we see more and more people singing along and really having a kick ass time! 

10) What inspired these recent songs?

Our recent songs have been inspired from real feelings I (Austin) have about the world around me and how I feel about human connection. Trying to get the way I feel out there seems to be done best through music for me.

11) What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Aaron, Jake and Kyle all work full time at different trade jobs, Austin works part time at the Cambridge hospital cleaning toilets and Ethan is a full time gamer/dreamer.

12) In your opinion, what’s your best song?

Our best song right now has got to be “small conversations”. It’s our newest single. It’s got a good mix of everything you’d expect from us in one song.

13) Who has the worst dress sense?

We hate to say it but it might have to be Kyle. He likes to wear his PJs on stage ALOT! But we love it and would never tell him to change.

14) Funniest show story?

It definitely wasn’t funny at the time but we were playing our first festival at Blackout Fest and literally 20 seconds before sound check as Ethan is patching in, his patch cord broke and fell INTO his guitar making it completely useless… luckily there was so many sick bands around that day and within two minutes he had someone’s guitar they’d lent him and we were good to go!

15) Pizza! What do you all have?

We can all agree pepperoni bacon and sausage goes fucking amazing together on pizza.

16) Most annoying member? 

We’re all probably pretty annoying in our own little ways but nothing to write home about. Austin likes to tell people what to do and can be kind of demanding at times but it all comes from a place of wanting to make killer music!

17) Who has the worst tattoo?

Austin has the worst/best tattoos for sure! He’s got a self done stick and poke tattoo of a slice of pizza and it does not look pretty!  

18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

The dream is real! We’d pay off all our debts and bills, then invest the rest of it into the band really to help us keep going! We’d love to be able to record all of our music at home so maybe a full home studio!

You can follow Southbound on Twitter and Facebook

Listen on Spotify.

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