Band Q&A – Jack & Sally

We spoke to Jack & Sally who are from the capital of England! Consisting of;

  • Ben Felix – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
  • Josh Jacobs – Lead Guitar
  • Tony Giannattasio- Bass
  • Pravir Ramasundaram- Backing vocals, Drums

1) Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Green Day
  2. Blink-182
  3. Rise Against

2) How did you get your band name?

Our songs tend to revolve around a boy and a girl, their lives/loves/problems. so we felt Jack and Sally was a good name to represent us, as at the end of the day, we’re all dealing with problems, so we’re all Jack and Sally. We’re also huge Blink-182 fans…

3) How did you all meet?

I (Josh) met Ben through his old guitarist – I was supposed to play with his old band before they dissolved (I was looking online for people to play with). I had a few jams with Ben before we put out a call on the London’s Musicians Network and that’s when we found our drummer Pravir. We had trouble finding a bassist for a while after our original bassist, Haylee, had to leave back home to Australia. After a few short lived runs with other bassists we finally found Tony, our newest member from Italy!

4) What is your song writing process?

Generally, Ben writes the lyrics and comes up with the basic chords for it. He brings it to the group and we jam on it together as a band, try out different ideas, see what sticks. Quite often by the end of practice we’d have worked out the structure of the song. We take it away, have a think about it in our own time, and then bring in new ideas next practice – Josh tries out various leads, we work on changing sections, etc. By the end of that we’ve usually got a decent song! Of course it’s not always Ben writing lyrics – Pravir has written a few and Josh’s done his bit as well.

5) What are your plans for a year from now?

Reading & Leeds Festival, obviously…. in all seriousness, we’re working on our first EP and we’re planning to release that this year and tour as best as we can. We played Camden Rocks festival this year so next we’d like to keep this momentum up and get on the bill for more festivals, things like Slam Dunk come to mind. Of course, hopefully by then we’d be looking at working with a label to release our first album!

6) First gig experience?

Our first gig was at the Water Rats in Kings Cross, London. We were…..well we were alright I guess, but definitely not great. No real disaster but we were new as a group so we learned a lot from that first gig in terms of setting up live sound and playing off each other’s queues. Also learned – keep track of the door split! we invited loads of friends but due to a mix up not all of them we recorded as having come to see us, so we lost out there.

7) Biggest challenge so far?

I think our biggest challenge has been getting our name and music out there – and we’re still working on this! There are so many good bands out there, so we’re competing against loads of others for our listeners time and attention.

8) Favourite thing about performing?

Our favourite thing about performing is seeing people enjoy our music – We’ve grown up listening to a lot of bands that changed our lives and we like our music to have the same impact, so it’s definitely awesome to have people coming up after the gig and telling us they enjoyed our stuff!

9) Favourite song to perform live?

It’s probably our first single ‘Tomorrows Revolution’! It’s got a great riff, it’s fast and Josh gets a nice solo in the bridge as well, and the song finishes on a nice section where we can head bang too. All in all we love the energy it brings on stage to us.

10) What inspired these recent songs?

A lot of our material is drawn from our current day climate – there’s loads of fear, injustice and hate in the world. We also take inspiration from personal stories – a loss of a loved one, family trouble, feeling misplaced, and other various stuff.

11) What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Ben and Josh argue about football a lot! They’re both Manchester United fans so yeah we have loads to talk about now….. Pravir juggles a lot on his plate as he actually lives in Chester right now (but trying to make his way to London) and he plays in another band (shout-out to Nobody Wins) so he’s permanently doing something! Tony does photography in his free time but he also does music production as well.

12) In your opinion, what’s your best song?

We don’t really have an answer honestly. Our songs do certain things really well. We’ve definitely improved our songwriting since we first started so I do think our newer songs are more complex than our earlier ones. Some have better lyrics, some have better arrangement, so I hope this helps! In summary, listen to all our stuff, they’re all great.

13) Who has the worst dress sense?

We’re going to say Pravir purely because he insists on wearing shades indoors on gig nights. In the immortal words of Randy Jackson, “That’s a no from me, dawg”.

14) Funniest show story?

I’d (Joshua) probably say it’s the time my parents + extended relatives came to one of our shows. It was our single release party so we had invited loads of friends as well. During a break in the set one of my uncles just yelled out in the crowd “HEY JOSH, YOUR MOM AND DAD ARE HERE TO SEE YOU” which is sweet on one hand but also wonderfully devastating to any rockstar stage persona I ever had. There was also the time Pravir broke his sticks after our first song and we had to literally ask on stage if any of the other bands drummers could loan him their sticks, otherwise our set was over! That was pretty funny now that I remember it.

15) Pizza! What do you all have?

  • Ben – Meteora from Dominos – cheese, chicken and meatballs.
  • Tony – 4 cheese (buffalo Mozzarella, Mozzarella fior di latte, gorgonzola and smoked scamorza) with ricotta crest. (Tony’s Italian if you couldn’t tell)
  • Pravir – Dominos American Hot, pepperoni and Jalapeños.
  • Joshua – Dominos Mighty Meaty. As much meat as possible per square inch, Josh also doesn’t mind pineapple on pizza… 

16) Most annoying member?

Ben for sure. He has loads of great ideas but equal amounts of stupid ones as well, so it’s up to the rest of us to rein him in. Being as driven as he is that’s not always an easy job…but I think it’s worked well so far, seeing as we’re still making music!

17)  Who has the worst tattoo?

We’re a surprisingly untatooed band for the most part… Tony is the only one with tattoos but his are pretty cool so there is no answer here.

18) Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Ben has already said he’s driving a Ferrari to practice. Josh’s vote is on a huge RV + driver to cart us and all our equipment around cause right now that’s him and his Ford Fiesta. Pravir will finally pay us back for all the stuff we’ve lent him over the years…. maybe?

You can follow Jack & Sally on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen on Spotify.

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