Concert Review – State Champs

‘Losing Myself in State Champs’

Albany pop-punkers, State Champs embarked on an intimate UK tour following their set at Download Festival, performing at several small venues across the UK. On June 18th 2019 they showed up at Newcastle’s stunning Riverside venue. A SOLD OUT room of 650 were present, so you know it got SWEATY.

‘Yours Truly’ was brought along as a support, as they had also appeared at Download Festival and they are ‘breaking ground’ of their own. You could tell this crowd was ready to party when they started to pit on their opening song! A truly amazing set from the Australians. I would definitely recommend listening to their new EP ‘Afterglow’.

Champs kicked off their setlist with their Living Proof song, Criminal, that recently celebrated its first birthday! Derek exercised his angelic live vocals whilst putting on his own live spin, getting the viewers pumped! Moving swiftly into arguably their best song in ‘Secrets’ getting the crowd rowdy and ready to throw fists. My personal favourite ‘Mine is Gold’ was covered in such an energetic style that you could almost feel the crowd jump together, shaking the entire venue! Goosebumps.

There was a song featured that you’d rarely get to hear live. ‘Slow Burn’. It was great to hear them add it in since their UK tour in October. A micro criticism that I have is a lack of slow or acoustic songs involved throughout the show, such as ‘Our Time to Go’ or the beautifully sung ‘If I’m Lucky’. But this didn’t stop us having the best night of our lives!

It was fantastic to hear Derek mention that they’ll be getting back to the studio after the Summer! Get ready for another god tier album from them!

The Champs of New York went off stage before inevitably hearing the ‘State-fucking-champs’ chant go off, ringing round for the desperation to continue this sensational night. Static recordings of ‘All You are is History’ in the background made the on-lookers go off, screaming, ready to pit. Back they came to give the crowd what they deserved. By the end of the night it was virtually a wrestling ring with crowd-surfers overhead! (Of course).

I could not recommend to go see State Champs enough; Derek’s running up and down the stage constantly makes you dizzy! Guitarists, Tyler, Tony and Ryan are mesmerizing to watch, and Evan? Well he’s just Evan up there on the drums!

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