Album Review – Eddy & The Arson’s ‘Wall of Text’

Remember when you were a kid and you had that favorite band that was rock as hell, yet was still on the side of pop-punk at the same time? Do you remember the sadness you felt when they stopped putting out new music because they all started having five different side projects leaving no time to continue feeding you that sweet music you craved? If you answered yes to either question then I have some good news for you, because Eddy and The Arsons are here to bring you a hit of that punk rock you’ve been searching for.

In April of 2017, the band was formally founded, bringing three of Chicago South Side’s up and coming rockers into the limelight. The trio is made up of vocalist/guitarist Eddy Arson, bassist/vocalist Adam Pilarczyk, and drummer Jake Bozsman. In July of the same year, the trio released their debut album entitled ‘Wall of Text’.

While pop-punk nowadays is a broad genre and generally contains a mix of alternative and rock, that being said the threesome is bringing new meaning to a modern-day style with an old school twist. Wall of Text is bringing back the familiar sounds of early 2000’s favourites such as Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Zebrahead, The Offspring, and American Hi-Fi, but with the modern day lyrics.

While an argument could be made that most of today’s generation of pop punk is also similar to that of a decade ago, there are melodic differences between the two. The first and most distinct difference is that most songs today have what I would consider a grand entrance or introduction of sorts. There’s some intro rift or fade in within the first few seconds that in a way announces the beginning of the song. What I noticed is that at no point on this album is there an opening entrance. Most songs lead in with a count in or straight up short riffs, which was the first thing that took me back in time.

Within the first ten seconds of their opening track ‘What’s Happening To Me’. My first thought was that I was having a flashback to my Green Day loving teenage self, which immediately made me think of their song, ‘Basket Case‘. The short and continuously repetitive riff patterns solidified my transportation.

Another thing I noticed is that there didn’t seem to be any use of (to my knowledge) synthesizers or artificial sounds. I’ve noticed more often than not, machines are now used more to create sounds, that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I love when artists get creative, but you can usually pick those sounds out and I couldn’t on this album.

I love how there are different and distinct melodic patterns from each instrument in each song. Some are harder to pick out than others, as everything was so cohesive and melded together perfectly. Each individual track was a wall of sound in its own right that even one who has a much better musically trained ear than I might find it difficult to pull each layer apart.

I really enjoyed listening to Wall of Text and highly recommend giving both the album and band a listen to if you either currently or previously enjoy listening to Green Day, Sum 41, Blink-182, and My Chemical Romance, as all bands have a similar sound. was nice taking a trip down memory lane and getting a dose of nostalgia.

In addition to their debut album, the band have also released two singles in 2018 entitled, ‘When Your Past Comes Back’ and ‘Where Does The Time Go?’ All singles and albums are now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Eddy and The Arsons’ are currently in the process of writing and recording their sophomore and follow up album.

Listen to Wall Of Text now!

Content by Alex Leff

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