Band Q&A – Sarah Sunday

Sarah Sunday is from New York, USA!

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Avril Lavigne
  2. Hey Monday
  3. The Smiths

2. How did you get your band name?

My name is Sarah, but my producer came up with ‘Sunday’ as it’s our least favourite day! Irony, let’s say…

3. How did you meet your producer Mbj?

About two years ago officially. I always wanted to start a band back in my early years and one day while I was working at my day job, Mbj, out of nowhere approached me to work on a project. For some reason I didn’t hesitate and I jumped in full force!

4. What is your song writing process?

My producer writes most of the music or framework of our tracks, I listen then add some of the vocal melody and add some backing tracks in the programme we use to record. We both work on lyrics and the songs take shape, and smoothen out.

5. What are your plans for a year from now?

To be playing Madison Square Garden in New York! Also to have a full album out.

6. Do you plan on adding anyone else to complete a band?

Presently we have a drummer, guitarist and keyboard player. We just need to fill the bassist position.

7. When will your first gig be?

We hope our gig is very soon. Avril Lavigne has a show October 1st in New York so we would love to open for her! I know it’s a dream and a longhair but you never know!

8. What inspired you to become a musician?

My father played piano and as a child I would listen and sing along with him. I wanted to start my first band when I was 10 and I never did. I was approached by my producer to work on a project randomly while I was at my day job and now have 2 great singles.

9. Biggest challenge so far?

Promotion, although the latest single has really taken off!

10. What inspired your recent songs?

Anxiety and depression, so many of us suffer from this as we wanted to write a track that was happy but addressed the issue.

11. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

We like photography and metal directing. I also like make up!

12. In your opinion, what’s your best song?

Mental Zoo is the best. However the unfinished tracks will be competitive…

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

Everyone but me! I’m a fashionista!

14. Pizza! What topping do you have?

Vegan Tofu.

15. If you was to go for a dinner date with anyone in the scene, who would it be?

You may be surprised but I would say Morrissey!

16. Fast forward and you’re a millionaire. What do you do with the money?

Run away on a bright Sunday! To Poland!

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