EP Review – This Time Last Year


The brand new EP from Leeds four-piece This Time Last Year is packed with passionate pop punk which radiates power and playfulness – a mix so perfectly summed up in one word, the title: “Adolescence”.

 Despite it only having a running time of about 10 minutes, it’s filled with full throttle riffs, crashing drums and grooving bass which – combined with gritty vocals – creates a short burst of energy perfect for your summer soundtrack.

“These Days” opens with a mellow riff, but doesnt waste any time before crashing into a loud and fast track reminiscent of past memories – an anthem of wanting to live in your life’s best moments which is positive, punchy and the sort of road-trip playlist track you’d want blaring at full volume on a good day.

 A short, 22 second Interlude follows, static noise and an almost menacing vocal sample from “2001: A Space Odyssey” rings out before morphing into debut single, “Limbo” which is another 3 minutes of pure punk tinged energy which has already made its way to Spotify playlists like “Pop Punk’s Not Dead”, showing the potential these four rockers have.

 The final track is titled “Better Off Alone” and is darker lyrically, shouts of “I am not the man you think I am” and “I’m suffocating from the weight of my own brain” are raw, honest and a stark contrast from the other eager and energetic tracks this EP showcases, but still manage to keep the same pop punk roots that run through “Adolescence” – wether that is a good or bad thing is up to you.


listen here.

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