Band Q&A – Familiar Spaces

Familiar Spaces are from Barrington, Rhode Island and consist of;

Mike Aylward: Vocals, Guitar
Evan Lamanna: Guitar, Vocals
Rob DeSousa: Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

It’s tough to narrow it down to three but if we had to choose:
Evan: Hot Mulligan
Mike: Modern Baseball
Robbie: Trophy Eyes

2. How did you all meet?

Mike: Evan and I met in 2015, right after I graduated high school, and we were originally gonna start a metalcore band together (side note: I’m completely convinced that all emo bands are just former metalcore kids) but over time we started shifting into emo and pop punk stuff. After a few incarnations, we eventually started Familiar Spaces in the summer of 2017. Robbie is a recent addition, he joined in like April.
3. What can we expect from your new album?

It’s a much catchier and more fleshed out record than we’ve ever made before. We started playing with new tunings and different techniques for guitar parts. It’s a higher energy record, I feel like we specifically wrote these new songs to be fun to play live. Lyrically it’s our most vulnerable work yet. We really strove to write about something that truly mattered to us, and I think it’s somewhat selfish in that we wrote these songs to just give ourselves an outlet to deal with things we’ve been through or are currently going through. I hope people can find something for them in it, but we really wrote this record to be something we can truly be proud of.
4. What is your current song writing process? Does it differ to how you did things on your EP ‘TTWL’?

We write everything as a group nowadays, and jam parts a lot until we figure out how we want everything to sound. We used to make songs based on mostly fleshed out ideas that Evan or Mike would have, but this one has a ton of input from everyone, and we think it shows.

5. What do you hope to have achieved a year from now?

We really want to get out of the east coast and see places we’ve never seen before. After this record is out, we’ll be touring a lot more, and we’re excited to get out and meet new people and go to new places.

6. What was ‘Familiar Spaces’ first gig experience like?

We actually don’t remember our first show, but it was probably riddled with technical issues and out of key shrieking.

7. What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Finding our sound and developing an image for the band and putting out who we are in a way that makes sense. We went through so many growing pains and changed sounds and wrote stuff that was all over the place. This new record is the first time that we’ve truly felt like our desired sound and feel has come across.

8. What is your favourite thing about performing?

When you rip the fattest set, and you all kinda look at each other and share a moment. It’s like “we have them fooled. They think we’re a real band.”

9. How does the new album reflect personal growth?

I think learning to write the way we do now taught us how to work as a unit and learn how we function as people. Lyrically speaking, we really got to the bottom of the subjects we’re talking about and saw how they influenced who we are as people.

10. What inspired you to write the upcoming songs?

Our friends. All of our friends have put out incredible music or will be putting out incredible music, and we were inspired to step our game up, and do something that we could stand behind as a team.

11. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Mike: We play so many video games. Evan and I are both really into Dragon Quest lately, and I’ve been playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I love FromSoftware and all of their games.

12. Where would you most like to tour?

California, all day.

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

We would say we’re tied. None of us are fashion gurus. We kinda base our fashion on what Target has in stock.

14. Funniest show story?

We were covering “The Weekend” by Modern Baseball, and Evan’s strap fell off and his guitar plunged onto the floor. By the time he picked it back up, we were on the solo and all of Evan’s strings were wildly out of tune, but he just kept playing knowing full well how atrocious it sounded while staring at our friend Stephen the whole time.

15. Pizza! What do you all have?

Honey BBQ Chicken with Bacon & Ranch. Stuffed crust only. We lived off of that while making TTWL.

16. Who’s the most annoying member?

It’s Mike because all of my his revolve around throw up.

17. Who has the worst tattoo?

Evan is the only one with a tattoo so by process of elimination, Evan.

18. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Mike: I want a house. One of my life goals is to own a house, and it just seems like such a steep undertaking but so rewarding. I’d also have a wall of expensive Fender guitars. Another thing I would love to do is pay off my parents house payments or stuff like that. Just ease the financial burden of supporting family.

Evan: I’d also get a house. I would start a collection of guitars and build a skatepark in my backyard, as well as a studio/theatre room in the basement. I’d also want to donate towards an organization that supports people afflicted with addiction.

Robbie: I’d donate to reputable charities and pay off family loans/debts.

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