Band Q&A – The Weekend Run Club

The Weekend Run Club are a quintet from Chicago! Members are;

  • Mitchell – Vocals
  • Christopher – Guitar
  • Joey – Guitar
  • Haley – Bass
  • Bridget – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Haley: Alternative bands like Grouplove, Hippo Campus, Twenty One Pilots. It’s also inspiring to see bands from Chicago like Friday Pilots Club and Beach Bunny making it – it gives me hope for our band.

2. How did you become a band? Where did the name come from?

Joey: I actually met Chris back when I was around 14 years old. He used to work at a Target in the cell phone department and was the person who sold me my first smartphone. We somehow started talking about music and ended up jamming later that night. Almost 6 years later, Chris and I reconnected when he reached out to see if I was interested in playing guitar in a band he was starting up. He invited me over and introduced me to Mitch and Ralph [previous bassist] and started working on the demos that would eventually become ‘Okay For You’.
Bridget: The name was originally from Chris’s solo project, and it’s just kind of a nod to the kind of activities that help us with emotional release, whether it’s running, playing music, or anything else.

3. Your last single came out over a year ago now, can we expect anything soon?

Chris: Yes! We are heading into the studio soon.

4. What is your song writing process?

Mitchell: Talk about your sad feelings and find a way to make it relatable. And pump that sh*t out.
Chris: I think that I use music as a journal and every day I try to create something. I build off those ideas, and then share them with Mitchell and the rest of the group.

5. What do you hope to have achieved a year from now?

Mitchell: Cure cancer.
Haley: I think we want our album out.
Bridget: I would love to play a SXSW showcase within a year.
Haley: Yeah, maybe more festival shows, and to just keep building up.

6. What was ‘TWRC’ first gig experience like?

Haley: I was there! I was in the crowd as a fan.
Mitchell: I was really nervous. It felt like the biggest deal in the world to me.
Haley: You guys did look really nervous, but you were really good. And I was like, “If that bass player ever quits, I’m definitely going to jump on that.”
Mitchell: It was really exciting. I’ve never been in a band before, so it was something I had always dreamed about doing. We had all our friends and family there to support us, so it was pretty cool. I didn’t understand how the microphone worked, so I had a lot of feedback.
Joey: It was the first show where I played all original music, and one cover. I’m usually doing the opposite.
Chris: I think the coolest thing about our first show is that we went up there and we had like, two or three pedals. And then you think about where we’ve come in a year, and we’ve been able define our sound.

7. What has been your biggest challenge?

Mitchell: Since most of us didn’t know each other going into this, we’ve had to find ways to connect. I’ve talked to a lot of bands who were friends before they started, and they already had that chemistry to go off of. I think we’ve been trying to figure out who we are.
Joey: The only thing we really had in common was music.

8. Favourite thing about performing?

Chris: Seeing the reaction of people when the music kind of flips a switch, and they get into it, and start moving and jumping around. To write something and perform it, and have somebody react in that way, is the most addictive thing.
Joey: I like when I can see people vibing in the crowd. It makes me start dancing more, so it’s a constant back and forth, building off each other. It helps the whole energy of the space.
Bridget: I think if I can really hear what I’m doing, and once I start getting confident in myself during a show, and I look over at Haley and we just know that this is what we’re meant to do. I feel like that happens a lot. If I meet eyes with anybody, and it’s a good day or a good song, we’re just like, “of course.” It’s the easiest moment to live in. It’s easy to love.
Haley: I like it because I feel like I’m supposed to do it. When I’m performing, I don’t care about my job or if I’m tired, or whatever’s going on in my life. I’m just having fun.
Mitchell: I like when I lock eyes with an audience member, and they smile, or acknowledge that there’s a connection going on. Or when you see someone that is more static, and over time, they start to loosen up, and they’re dancing by the end of the set.

9. What inspired your songs last year, and songs to come?

Mitchell: My personal growth, my stories that have helped shape who I am. Just this deep introspective thought process that I’ve been living with for the past through years. Especially my experience with therapy, and being in and out of school, and learning how to be myself.
Chris: The inspiration behind the songs that I write is about who I am in that moment in time. I don’t sit there and say “I wanna do something in G, or A, or B.” I’ll pluck around and find some chords that I feel, “that’s what I sound like right now.” I’ll try to play something over it, and go on an eight bar loop and go and go until it makes sense to me. It’s those songs that tend to make it.

10. What do you all do when you’re not musically involved?

Chris: I play video games, walk my dog, and cook.
Joey: I make art, I work out, I like to hike.
Bridget: I try to take merch gigs at shows, or find anything at a show that I can learn more about.
Haley: I like to roller blade. I live by the lake downtown so I like to roller blade over there. I’m getting a dog so I’m sure we’ll have many good adventures.
Mitchell: I like to do musical theatre, spend time with my boyfriend, and that’s pretty much it.

11. Who has the worst dress sense?

Haley: It’s Chris because he doesn’t like to experiment and he will wear the same outfit to every show. He wouldn’t even wear his Hawaiian shirt!

12. Funniest show story?

Chris: We played Riverlights Fest in South Bend, Indiana, it was an awesome experience. There was free white water rafting before we played, and four of us went. We almost lost Haley, we went backwards for like half the time. We were cracking up, and we looked so stupid.

13. Pizza! What do you have?
Joey: All of it.
Haley: Ooh, margarita.
Mitchell: Garlic, three cheese, spicy chicken sausage, pepperoni.
Chris: Bacon jalapeno.

14. Most annoying member?

Bridget: That’s pretty shady, but Chris.
Haley: It’s Chris, and he knows it, but that’s okay, we love him. Also, he has very passionate feelings about everything, which is good, but also bad.

15. Who has the worst tattoo?

Mitchell: Haley, Chris, and Joey because they don’t have one.

16. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Haley: I’m gonna start a dog organisation. I’m gonna have so many dogs and they can come to my little ranch. I’m gonna go nab em up and give them a nice home and have people adopt them. The adoptees will be thoroughly vetted.
Mitchell: I love to help take care of the people that take care of me. I would love to use some money in a platform to help all LGBTQ+ youth in whatever way I can. And spend that sh*t. I would treat myself. Buy guac every time I go to Chipotle.
Bridget: I would buy a VW bus and travel full time. I would just be constantly traveling and playing music, trying new foods, seeing new places, meeting new people. I would just make sure I have enough for that for the rest of my life.
Joey: I would donate whatever I can. Traveling would be big, to see unique places. Help out my family, pay them back for everything they’ve given me.
Chris: If I was a millionaire. I would grab that cash with both hands and make a stash. I’d buy a new car, some caviar, four star, daydream, think I’d buy a football team.

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