Band Q&A – Bloodsport

Bloodsport are based in Hull, Yorkshire, England! Their quintet consists of;

  • Joey Dean – Vocalist
  • Sam Busby – Guitar
  • Sam Venton – Guitar
  • Danny Harrison – Bass
  • Rob Johnson – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

There’s a huge variation in what we all listen to, we’re all massively into The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck & Trash Boat but there are a ton of other influences, Sam (V) is into Sport and Hot Water Music, Rob still listens to a lot of metal like Thy Art is Murder, Danny loves The Bronx, Oasis & Queens of the Stone Age, Joey is a big fan of Slaves (U.S.A) and Sam B absolutely loves Prince & Little Mix…

2. How did the name ‘Bloodsport’ come about?

We were originally gonna be called ‘Bloodline’, Joey had been watching the series and it really stuck because of the whole family connotations but after a while we thought it sounded a little too heavy like we were a metal band or something. Someone just suggested ‘Bloodsport’ and it stuck…

3. You recently played a set at Hull’s ever growing festival ‘Humber St Sesh’. What was that experience like for you?

Absolutely unreal! We played last year (2018) and it was pretty good for us but, this year just completely blew it out of the water. To have so many people pay attention to us and to play to a crowd that big was just phenomenal. Big love to Mak & the HSS team!

4. What is your song writing process?

We generally lay down a chorus or main riff and just expand from that, since we acquired Danny on Bass the song writing process has become much easier because he’s a great musician/song writer and just get’s it! We all have our say and chip in with everything so it’s a pretty even spread.

5. What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

Honestly, we’d just like to keep up the momentum. Maybe a couple of support slots with some bigger bands. We don’t really expect much we just wanna have fun and give it a good go before we all get too old!

6. What was Bloodsports first gig experience like?

I think it was either at Adelphi with Three Day Millionaires or The Sesh with Battalions… It was that long ago I can’t remember but, I know that we’d released our demo track “Over & Over” and it had been circulating for a while before we actually played any shows. I seem to remember there was a lot of buzz and we had a good few people turn up to see us.

7. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Finding a bassists!!! We had a friend of ours Josh (Hayfever/Mathletics) at first who wasn’t really keen on our direction so Sam B went on Bass for a little while and we played as a four piece which was great fun but it lacked a lot of depth live, Danny came along as a sort of loanee from Three Day Millionaires and eventually we managed to persuade him to go full time.

8. Favourite thing about performing live?

Just seeing and hearing people singing our songs back to us, it’s an exceptional feeling.

9. You’ve released two great singles, ‘Turn & Run’ and ‘Waves’. Can we expect anything else soon? An EP?

We’ll be releasing a new single soon enough. After recording with Bob (Cooper) we decided that it’d benefit us more to release our five tracks as singles. We’re definitely looking at more studio time in the new year though so who knows…

10. What was it like recording the video for Turn & Run?

It was a laugh to be honest. The tedious part was getting the shots of Joey following Anna about with the mic cable… those guys must have walked miles and definitely got their step count in! The rest of us just turned up, set up our gear and played. We worked with Blink Video closely on what sort of shots we wanted and it panned out really well for us!

11. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

It’s a mix of all sorts really, we all work full time. We like watching sport, mainly cricket and football. A few of us play football. Both Sam’s do a lot of work behind the scenes for the band. Sam B plays xbox, designs stuff and reads. Danny is expecting a bambino soon so he’ll be Dad mode when he’s not doing band stuff. Joey is the stag do king, think he’s been on about 8 this year already… Rob plays Darts during the week and goes running. We all try staying as healthy and as fit as we can cos ya know, we’re all getting on a bit now…

12. Where would you most like to tour?

Sam B love to do (old) Warped (as I’m sure anyone else in this genre of music would) playing a show to hundreds of people in a different state every day would be mind blowing. Sam V would love to hit the continent, he travels Europe a lot and meets a lot of people in the Punk Rock community, the industry is completely different over there, small bands seem to be appreciated a bit more over there.

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

We all have a completely different style though I will 100% put my hands up here (Sam B) like, I don’t think I dress terribly but, I’m always the first one to get grief if I wear something ‘different’. I kill it though so it’s cool, no harsh feelings between the lads. I once bought a pair of skinny joggers that had a drop crotch but they looked cool as hell because they were checked and essentially just looked like smart trousers anyway. I think we were playing Liverpool and I wore them for that gig, needless to say I got absolutely terrorised “Busby is wearing his Pyjama bottoms to play in” etc. Sam V used to work in Topman so he thinks he sort of ‘Mr. Fashionista’ but that was in like 1972 or something so he’s way out the loop…

14. Funniest show story?

We literally have so many daft things happen. We played Sesh on Christmas Eve last year and Danny stumbled backwards into the kit and pretty much decked it which was quite funny. Sam V played the full first verse of Waves in clean before. Not to mention Joey unplugging Danny accidently at this years HSS and Sam B chucking the T-shirt into the tree… oh and Rob’s cymbal just falling over. I mean they’re probably not funny at the time but once it’s out the way we can look back and just laugh at it.

15. Pizza! What do you all have on it?

Busby – It’s just gotta be a cheese pizza, the OG… if you can nail a margherita pizza you can nail any other pizza.
Rob – More of a gazza bread kinda guy, garlic bread with cheese & mushrooms.
Joey – 100000% Bolognese.
Danny – Meat Feast.
Sam V – Mozzarella & Basil.

16. Who’s the most annoying?

We all have our moments. Again I’ll probably hold my hands up (Busby) I moan a lot and I’m always on at the others when we have a show or when we need to practise/pay for stuff but it’s all in good heart, I just like to be prepared and organised. Rob is a bit of a wind up merchant, once he has you hooked it’s hard to get out of it but it’s all in jest. We’re all quite stubborn too so that can get annoying if we disagree on stuff (which rarely happens).

17. Who has the worst tattoo?

There are a few between us. Sam B started getting tattooed at like 17 so most of his are old and worn, the little heart behind his ear is a prime example… a friend of ours did that in his kitchen and it’s just bled out loads so looks terrible now. Rob has the word ‘Believer’ behind his ear which doesn’t look bad at all but he get’s a load of “Why does it say belieber” behind your ear???” A mate of ours is a Tattoo artist and when he was starting out he did Joey’s chest… again it’s not terrible but a week later he tattooed the same thing on someone else’s which is pure crease.

18. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Literally, no idea… all we’d ever want is to be able to live comfortably and the band to be self-sufficient so we didn’t have to work full time jobs to fund it.

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