Single Review – Sarah Sunday

Are you looking to support more women in the music industry? Particularly in the realm of pop punk? If you are, then Sarah Sunday are the band for you.

It’s fair to say that within the last few years the scene are bringing to light the topic of mental health and the stigmas that go along with it. Bands/artists are speaking out with personal experiences with various forms, as well as advocating for those who are also struggling with similar battles.

It wasn’t until I watched the music video for ‘Mental Zoo’ did I understand what Sarah was trying to say. Sunday is expressing how she feels trapped in her own mind and like she’s in her own personal mental zoo. She feels the same way day in and day out every day. She wants to break free and escape from everything going on in her life so she can be truly happy.

It’s so easy to think negatively about yourself, on the bad things but letting the light in and focusing in the good/positive is hard.

In addition to ‘Mental Zoo’, Sunday also released earlier in the year a single entitled ‘Come and Find Me’.

This song is the epitome of high energy. It’s about the regret of losing someone you love because you let pride get in the way of being happy. Sunday’s saying that once you let go of the pain, hurt, or anger of the past, then you can move forward and return to happiness as well as those you might have pushed away.

As I think about it more the song may not be about losing just the love of another person but losing the love for yourself. Maybe ‘Come and Find Me’ is about finding and regaining self love. If you can’t love yourself how can you love someone else?

The best way to describe Sunday’s sound is as a post Paramore/Avril Lavigne blend. She may not be a hard rocker like Avril or Hayley Williams were during the Misery Business/Sk8r Boy days; but when it comes to mastering a blend of synths, the 80’s and pop Sarah Sunday is the queen.

I wasn’t sure I liked Mental Zoo and ’Come and Find Me’ the first time I heard them. I thought they were too ‘poppy’ for my taste and didn’t think it was something I would enjoy listening to, however, I was wrong. It took some getting used to but the more I listened, the more it grew on me and now I highly enjoy listening to them. Post punk/new wave still isn’t my favorite genre, and think it can be a hit or miss but, Sarah Sunday has given me plenty of reasons to continue exploring the genre.

I recommend Sarah Sunday to anyone looking for an all female band putting a twist on pop and punk music. If you enjoy listening to bands such as VISTA, post rock Avril Lavigne, Paramore/Hayley Williams (After Laughter era) or Haas this band is for you.

Listen on Spotify.

Watch on Youtube.


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