EP Review – Fluorescents

Fluroescents are a quartet Pop Punk band from Chicago. They released their EP “Losing Sleep“ on July 19th. This four-track EP brings those pure punk vibes, as well as the potential to flourish. The band formed in 2018, so it is great to see the band have hit the ground running with this EP.

‘Future Tripping’ starts this record off, it eases you into the band’s style, which lives and breathes pop-punk. The lyrics are very typical of a band of this genre, the opening riffs lead into the track perfectly. A sort of mellow track with that twinge of foot tap. The guitar solo at 2:52 adds great depth to the song.

T2, ‘Conversation Piece‘, starts off on a much faster foot. There’s instantly a speedy rhythm and power pushing into it. This song is great and track that is really easy listening on the ears, and the heart, with the harmonising vocals. This band may be for you… who are we kidding, of course they are for you!

‘Complacent’ is the penultimate track, and another fantastic one at that. It brings out all elements of punk, fast paced and slow paced. They recorded a music video for this song, their debut single. It’s nice to hear the backing vocals from the drummer too.

Last but not least, ‘Down to Earth‘ finishes this EP off, and what a way to finish! This is the best one of all (in my opinion). Similarly to Future Tripping, it has that mellow feel at the start, a simple foot step here and there before picking up into the chorus and getting a more vibrant feel. I shouldn’t tell you about the guitar solo at 2:29, but it’s nothing short of exquisite.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next for the ever-growing band!

Complacent YouTube video.

Listen to the Losing Sleep EP.


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