Band Q&A – Growing Pains

Growing Pains are from Corpus Christi, Texas! Their members are;
Trevor Pancoast – Vocals
Lando Arce – Guitar
Brett Pancoast – Guitar
Gabriel Bradt – Bass
Oscar Montemayor – Drums


1. Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Taking Back Sunday
  2.  Paramore
  3. Sum 41

2. How did you come up with the name ‘Growing Pains’?

Ah. This was the biggest pain in the ass. We spent almost two months trying to figure out a name because every time we decided on something it was already verified on Facebook, so eventually we settled with Growing Pains from a Neck Deep song and the TV show.


3. How did Growing Pains form as a band?

Originally Lando and I (Trevor) were playing in a local metalcore band at the time and it was one of those bands where as soon as we get something going, it would immediately stall out. So we decided to change it up and do something new. We immediately recorded our first single “Set the World Off” and then brought in Brett, Oscar, and Gabe. We’ve been rolling ever since.

4. What is your song writing process?

For our writing process we’ll have a bunch of riff ideas in our Dropbox and then take what we like and kind of piece together a song.

5. What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

In a year we really want to be out touring full time. We have a lot of new music in the works that we fully believe will be game changing music, and we need to share it with everyone.

6. What was Growing Pains first gig experience like?

The first show was fun, but we also had some major screwups. Lando’s guitar strings broke at the end of ‘This Is Not Me’, and everyone got pretty lost for a sec. But all of our friends showed up and it was a total blast. Plus, we sold loads of merch for the first time, so that’s always nice too.

7. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge is expanding into new markets and really getting ourselves involved with our social media. Today, a band starting out can’t survive without a social media presence, so making sure and having a post everyday can be a bit challenging especially when we’re doing our normal everyday stuff.

8. What is your favourite thing about performing?

Just the whole energy of the room. Seeing everyone have a good time with us really is unexplainable of how amazing of a feeling it really is.

9. ‘Things Change’ is your latest single and is performing brilliantly! Can we expect anything new to come?

First off, thank you to everyone who checked out, “Things Change.” We have a lot of new music coming, but we don’t have a specific date yet. But VERY SOON…

10. What inspired your songs to be released?

We just really really really want to quit our day jobs and tour full time so that.

11. What do you all do when you’re not musically involved?

Well, besides working to pay our bills, we do the typical skateboard, go to shows, drink with friends, and chill at the beach. We honestly spend quite a bit of time at the beach, especially growing up in a beach town like Corpus.

12. Where would you most like to tour?

We want to tour the UK and Europe so bad. We talk about it pretty much all the time. But I guess we need to do our first full North American tour before we even think about that.

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

Lando because he wears Crocs.

14. Funniest show story?

We have two actually. We played a SUPER late set one night and Oscar forgot the last song of our set. And once we got to open for Calling All Captains and we iced Brett in the middle of the mosh pit. (icing for those not 21, is surprising someone with a Smirnoff Ice and forcing them to drink the whole drink)

15. Pizza! What do you all have?

Chicken, Bacon, Jalapeno, and Bell Pepper or just straight up Supreme.

16. Who’s the most annoying?

Lando, because he always talks shit to everyone.

17. Who has the worst tattoo?

Lando again, for his BB-8 tattoo.

18. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Donate to local charities around Corpus Christi to say thanks to the people who have always showed us love.

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