Band Q&A – Carpool

Carpool are a quartet from New York, their members consist of;

  • Chris (Stoph) Colasanto – Guitar/Vocals
  • Tommy Eckerson – Guitar/Vocals
  • Milo (Upstate jr) Duhn – Bass/Vocals
  • Alec (The Ghost) Westover – Drums/Vocals

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Stoph: Glocca Morra, Third Eye Blind, Highschool Musical 2 Soundtrack/Del Paxton.
Upstate Milo: American Football, Casey Bolles, all my friends!
Ghost: Pup, Menzingers, Prince Daddy!
Tommy: allman brothers band, joy division, Peter Green.

2. How did you get your name ‘Carpool’?

Stoph – ummm I think I just wanted a band name with only two syllables that was easy to remember and had a dual meaning. Like you can carpool with your friends to a good time lol.
Tommy – Stoph came up with it, and it’s a cool name!

3. How did you all meet?

Stoph – I met Ghost and Upstate playing shows a them, me and Tommy met through our friend Joe like 7 years ago and we’ve hardbody chillers ever since.
Upstate – I met stoph at the awakebutstillinbed show at Bug Jar in 2018, I met Ghost when I opened for Ghostpool, and met Tommy at the first Carpool show i went to.
Ghost – what they said
Tommy – I met stoph through a mutual friend and Ghost and Milo through the buffalo music scene.

4. What is your song writing process?

Stoph – for ITEAC I would have a song like 70-80% written and then me and Tommy would sit down and finish it together, and vice versa. For this new album the songwriting process is a lot more group effort involved like you can specifically hear little sections in each song and be like oh that’s a Milo move or oh that’s definitely a Ghost idea, which I think is really cool and nice because it makes it more of a cohesive effort and more of a whole group project I can’t really put into words how proud I am of these songs and these people.
Tommy – Typically Stoph or I have a song that’s like 75% done, Stoph adds a lyric structure and I throw my leads on and everything falls into place. But now that Ghost and Milo are a part of the band a lot has changed. The whole writing process is much more inclusive and they have so many great ideas to add.
Upstate Milo – I just mess around on my guitar for a couple months writing riffs then squish the ones that compliment each other together and put lyrics to whatever i’m feeling about at the time over that.

5. What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

Stoph – Live in the woods in Canada.
Upstate Junior – More tours and finishing this MF album baby!
Ghost – The Ghostpool/Carpool full US tour that is destined to happen.
Tommy – Approaching our full length album is really where my focus is at right now. We’ve been sitting on a lot of material that I’m extremely proud of and I think it’s a different than anything we’ve ever done before, I think it’s going to be a huge step in the right direction for us.

6. What was ‘Carpool’s first gig experience like?

Stoph – My first gig with Carpool was super weird, it was at Waterstreet in Rochester, me and Tommy called ourselves carpool for one show in 2014, the lineup was me on guitar and back up vocals, Tommy on bass, our old bass player Blake on drums, and unnamed on lead vocals and guitar. Young homie playing lead and singing took an 8th of shrooms 20 minutes before we played and then literally tripped his face off on stage and threw his guitar on the ground and started screaming at it to “do better”… At the time I was super pissed, but looking back it’s honestly pretty raw and badass, lowkey some performance art.
Tommy – I hated that first show, I just remember people coming up to us saying “it wasn’t that bad” haha which obviously means it was terrible.
Upstate Cig Milk Milo – My first gig with Carpool was at Town Ballroom in buffalo in June and is probably the biggest show I will ever play and the most special way to kick off this insane new chapter of my life.
Ghost – My first show with Carpool was this insane fredonia house party show, 3 bands played and then we were headlining and just as we started Cigarette Cough the cops came and shut us down, me and Stoph went out to the bars in fred and got hammered and had some real ass heart to hearts.

7. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Stoph – Our biggest challenge so far is just the constant string of bad luck we get thrown in our face. If something can go wrong for us, 99% of the time it will. But we still prevail and have fun and try to smile through the tough times! you just got to eat that bad luck like an old wet cig.
Young Upstate Milo – Managing my mental health and keeping a productive consistent schedule for my musical endeavors.
Ghost – Money. Money sucks.
Tommy – Line up changes, schedules, and money.

8. What’s your favourite thing about performing?

Stoph – When we’re in the middle of our set and I see people in the crowd dancing around and singing along, then I look over at Tommy, Ghost, and Upstate and they all have the biggest smiles of pure joy on their faces – makes me cry every time.
Upstate – Sharing smiles with my band and my homies in the pit!
Ghost – Sharing the smiles.
Tommy – Obviously the smiles that we share, but also when I nail a sick solo and i’m like “damn that felt good!”.

9. How well do you think ‘ITEAC’ has performed? Has it done what you wanted it to achieve?

Stoph – That’s a tough question… ITEAC surpassed all my expectations of it’s possibilities. When we started Carpool playing Fest in Gainesville was always talked about, but was always considered a pipe dream. I feel like it’s because of ITEAC that us playing Fest this year is a reality. I have an endless amount of love for everything that project taught me and brought into my life, whether it be good or bad. It taught me a lot.
Tommy – I think it’s performed well. the structure of the album is definitely different, different moods and sounds, I think that’s a testament to Stoph and his songwriting. ITEAC definitely got our foot in the door to play some cooler bigger shows and getting a little cred that we can at least write a well structured song.
Upstate the Menace – I’m genuinely pissed that album hasn’t gone platinum yet and i’m allowed to say that because I didn’t write any of the songs on it.
Ghost – I told them since day one I loved the album so it’s cool I get to be a part of this project now and get to help write the new songs, it’s honestly just a wholesome effort from a wholesome group.

10. What inspired your songs on your debut album?

Stoph – ‘I think everyone’s a cop’ is essentially a melting pot on my thoughts and fears of commitment, intimacy, substance abuse/dependency, manic depression, hating your job, and self worth issues.
Tommy – For me it’s all about depression, relationships, and the feeling of being stagnant.

11. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

Stoph – I read and write a lot, watch a lot of 90’s and early 2000’s teen dramas.
Tommy – I like to hangout with my friends, go to the movies, and eat tasty snacks!
Upstate – Work, get sad, sleep, repeat.
Ghost – Xbox over playstation, sharing memories with my homies.

12. Where is your dream place to tour?

Stoph – France, Japan, or a full Canadian run.
Tommy – Honestly everywhere, I want to see as much of the world as possible.
Upstate – Literally anywhere in Europe, that would be a dream.
Ghosty – Japan/Australia.

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

Stoph/Milo – Alec the Ghost’s seattle seahawks themed Prius…. you live in upstate NY [now], just be a Bills fan already, I don’t get it.
Tommy – 100% absolutely Stoph, i’ve tried so many times to offer him fashion advice but he insists on wearing crocs and the same buffalo hoodie every day of his life.

14. Funniest show story?

Stoph – One time a show we played got really really lit up and a girl legit came on stage during Idaho and tackled me 3 times in a row, then proceeded to twerk on stage on the PA system…. it was weird.
Tommy – hands down the Lancaster PA show on our last tour, there was an amazing group of kids going crazy for us and doing a wall of death during our slowest song hahaha I loved it.
Upstate – Once I played a halloween show to 500 people while wearing a flamingo hat, clout glasses, and a trench coat. I looked dummy tough.

15. Pizza! What do you all have?

Stoph – cig milk pizza, well done, wintergreen skoal topping.
Upstate – strictly cigs, milk, no cheese, extra chunky sauce, pine needles.
Ghost – Shredded seneca reds, with crème fraiche.
Tommy – Cheese and veggies.

16. Who’s the most annoying member?

Stoph – Tommy, I’m pretty sure I have his number blocked right now.
Tommy – Stoph, I literally block his number daily.
Ghost – Stoph or Tommy they’re probably tied.
Upstate – me 😦

17. Who has the worst tattoo?

Tommy – Stoph for sure, he has tattoo of his ex girlfriends birthday on his heart. He got it after they broke up, Juan from cali cuzns who gave him the tattoo begged him to not do it. Bet he regrets it now!
Stoph – Yeah I do. I hate it.

18. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Stoph – Move to Canada in the winter woods with an endless supply of edibles.
Upstate – Get a tattoo.
Tommy – Give a lot to my parents, and friends, donate money to charities, and tour the world till the money runs out!
Ghost – Start a label and sign all my friends!

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