Band Q&A – Ronx

Ronx are a trio from the Bronx, their members consist of;

  • Miguel Vasquez – Guitar/Vocals
  • Joshua Reguillo – Bass/Vocals
  • David Rivera – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Josh: Our number one influence is Blink 182 with no doubt, very cliche for pop punk I know. My other 2 at the moment would be 5SOS and WSTR.

2. How did you get your band name?

Miguel: When Josh and I were coming up with a new band name to rebrand ourselves, (we used to be called “2 In the Afternoon”) we decided on Ronx because it’s short and simple, it came about in the moment. Yeah we’re from the Bronx but that’s definitely not the reason why we chose it, just google Ronx and you’ll see what I mean.

3. How did you all meet?

Josh: Me and Miguel been friends since sophomore year of High School and pretty much made a band shortly after becoming friends, we went to Celia Cruz High School Of Music in the Bronx.

4. What is your song writing process?

Miguel: We write on our own most of the time since I go away for school and don’t have time to meet up with the band, so whenever one of us writes a song we send each other a little demo of it and every so often we would add some more elements to it before we head to the studio.

5. What do you hope to have achieved a year from now?

Josh: We hope to have a couple more tours done by this time next year and hopefully have LP 2 with some Record Label support maybe.

6. What was Ronx’s first gig experience like?

Miguel: Our first ever gig as Ronx was our EP release show that was hosted in my backyard. We had close family and friends that came by and performed. It was an exciting and humble moment, making us realize that playing music together is what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

7. Biggest challenge so far?

Josh: Biggest challenge so far is probably staying financially stable to keep the music going. We are grown men paying bills now so we work hard to keep enough money in our pockets to invest in our music which is very tough with minimum wage jobs but we get by somehow.

8. You have released several singles, and On My Own is the latest. When will the newest single be released?

Miguel: With all of our singles coming out we will add them to one EP or Album with some new songs of course. On My Own came August 30th! We are proud to share this track with everyone and we hope people would love the song as much as we do. We don’t have a release date for our next one yet…

9. What inspired your recent songs?

Josh: Having our hearts torn out our chests by a former lover. We make it sound more dramatic than it really is, things don’t work out for a reason and you’ve got to accept that and move on with life one way or another. That is the main message behind our sad boy songs.

10. What’s your favourite thing about performing?

Miguel: My favorite part of performing is making it an experience for the audience. I love it when we are just having fun jumping around making funny jokes and people are laughing and smiling. Seeing people having a good time really warms my heart and that’s our goal at each and every show.

11. What do you do when you’re not musically involved? 

Josh: Just the norm of hanging with friends, getting drunk and going on adventures. Can’t forget going out with the ladies too.

12. Where’s your dream place to tour?

Miguel: Our dream tour is definetly Europe. It’s beautiful over there and meeting new people, making new fans from the other side of the world would be the greatest thing ever.

13. Who has the worst dress sense?

Josh: Miguel dresses like your uncle that moved to Miami after retirement and offers your 10 year old son, modelo. So I need to step up my dress game.

14.  Funniest show story?

Miguel: The funniest show for me is when we hosted our album release show in my living room and there were tons of our friends having a good time and all so it was pretty cramped. We had the celling fan on so air could be circulated throughout the room and our friends were so excited they carried me how people would normally do when you crowd surf and the celing fan almost decapitated my head. It was the most funniest/scariest experience I’ve ever had performing.

15. Pizza! What toppings do you have?

Josh: Gotta have some thick sausage on that bad boy or no pizza at all.

16. Most annoying member?

Miguel: Josh is definetly the most annoying. There is no reason why he’s just annoying.

Josh: I agree with Miguel, I have this face you just want to throw a bag of poo at.

17. Who has the worst tattoo?

Josh: We don’t have many tattoos. Miguel has 1 which is pretty cool, it’s the initials to our Sad Boy Tour on his ankle. I have a total of 2 which is my moms birthday In Roman numerals on my chest, and sad boy tatted on my lower arm, everyone says I’ll regret the sad boy when I’m 40 but sad boy vibes are eternal to me.

18. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Miguel: If we ever become millionaires, we would definitely give back to our families and our community. Our families both worked hard and have been nothing but supportive ever since we started this band. We live in the Bronx so we know how it is living in the middle class, living paycheck by paycheck and it is not easy to get a job and get around. We want to give everyone the opportunity to go for their dreams and just be happy without any worries.

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