Band Q&A – We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk are a duo from Leeds, UK! They consist of;

  • Jack Lewis – Lead Vocals
  • Ruairi Ryan – Lead Guitar

Who are your top 3 influences?

Ruairi: As It Is, State Champs, Popularity Crème.
Jack: WSTR, Knuckle Puck, Trophy Eyes.

How did you get your band name?

It’s something you hear all the time. It’s in movies, tv shows and books. It also epitomises a poorly crafted societal construct. Failure. When you hear those words you know something negative is coming, so we decided to wear the name as an ironic badge and make something positive. It also represents our stance on mental health and wanting to give the voiceless a way of feeling able to talk.

How did you all meet?

We met through Craigslist because we were both looking for an identity and ended up with a crisis. In reality we met through our mutual mates and just started playing covers together. Shoutout to ‘Missing You’ by All Time Low – the first pop-punk song we jammed together when we were 15.

What is your song writing process?

Ruairi writes the music, he spends the majority of his time coming up with riffs and going off the radar until he can flesh out fully-formed idea. Jack shouts a bit.

What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

Touring with popularity Creme. No in a year from now we hope to have two tours under our belts and one EP out there. We know what it is already…

What was your first performing gig experience like?

Musty, sweaty and full of men.

Biggest challenge so far?

Playing the O2 Academy in Newcastle – was hard to get on stage (way too high up). It was also the biggest show we played to date and the place was full. We got to live a childhood dream that night. Plus we can technically say we have played the same stage as bands like Waterparks. That’s pretty gnarly bruh.

What is your favourite thing about performing?

Outlet for Passion, Creation and Frustration – allows us to truly be ourselves.

Where would you most like to tour?

Ruairi – North America, It’d be sick to experience a culture I’ve only ever seen on a screen whilst living my dream.
Jack – Japan. That’s when you know you’ve made it. The scene over there seems pretty good as well!

What inspired your recent songs?

HARDCORE TEEN anxt (Rawr XD). The current state of support for mental health is also a major factor. A photo from the House of Commons with around 10 MPs flooded the internet as that was to discuss Mental Health in young people. That’s horrific. Inspired us to write about Mental Health.

What do you all do when you’re not musically involved?

Minecraft and a bit of poser Skating. Enough Said.

What can people expect from your music?

LOUD NOISES – anchorman. They can also expect more. We just want to keep putting out our best stuff.

Who has the worst dress sense?

Jack – He doesn’t know the difference between emo and EM-NO.

Funniest show story?

Once an old drummer split his jeans (in the crotch area) and wore his brothers t-shirt over the top of it for the entire set. Was pretty impossible to play My Chem’s ‘Teenagers’ well in the circumstance. Can’t get more punk than that.

Pizza! What do you have?

Margheritta – We don’t drink animals.

Most annoying member?

That’s hard, we are both horrible people.

Who has the worst tattoo?

Ruairi – They are all skin coloured.

Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

SPEND IT ALL ON THE NOOKIE! We’d try set up a youth club/charity to encourage art amongst young people, which especially amongst those who are having a difficult time, is a great outlet in any form.

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