Mitchell Mantell – This Is Your Opportunity (Review)

Mitchell Mantell is a post-progressive metal singer from Gosford, Australia and released his latest EP entitled ‘This is Your Opportunity’ on August 15th, 2019. In addition to providing the vocals, Mantell also writes, performs, records and produces his own music.

When it comes to creating his music, Mantell likes to push the boundaries both musically and on the guitar. Some of his biggest influences come from bands such as Helix Nebula, Veil of Maya and The Afterimage. His focus is on guitar-heavy tracks that include upbeat melodies and combines them with heavy breakdowns.

‘This is Your Opportunity’ includes a strong presence of all his focuses rolled into one. While a majority of the album is made up of short and heavy riffs, other parts have a sweet melodic sound that transports you to a different world. ‘In The Wind’ features Rhyse Aquilana and penultimate track ‘Reflections’ features Jared Johnson, which are very cool additions.

I’m not a huge fan of metal, but, I’m learning that while I enjoy metalcore and some metal, I haven’t had much exposure to the post-progressive tone of the genre. The more I listen and explore, the more the sub-genre may grow on me, but for now the heaviness of the screaming makes it a little off putting for me.

Even though the screaming was a bit much for me I did enjoy other parts of the album such as the beat, guitar work and lyrical verses I could understand. In the song “This Is Your Opportunity” Mantell shows off some masterful and fast-paced guitar skills which I found very impressive. I don’t think I have ever heard a guitar being played that fast.

I also enjoyed the song “Lost(Intro)”. Even though it’s an instrumental and the tamest song on the EP, the use of string instruments, flutes and the beats of the drum made me feel like I was transported and lost somewhere in the middle of the ocean. One of the things I enjoyed most about this song is how well it transitioned into “In The Wind”. I wasn’t really sure when the song ended and the other began.

I highly recommend anyone who enjoys listening to bands such as Veil of Maya, Satan’s Hallow, Helix Nebula, The Afterimage, Napolean, Savior The Quiet and other heavy/post-progressive metal bands giving Mitchell Mantell a listen as he delivers the heaviness you crave.

In addition to his EP, Mitchell also has two singles released as well. They’re entitled “Idjentity’ and ‘Skibidi’.  “This Is Your Opportunity’ available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify.


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