Ronx – On My Own (Single Review)

Are you still hunting for that anthem from a band what has not quite broke out worldwide yet? If so, give the Ronx single ‘On My Own’ a spin. And then 10 more because it’s so good!

The lyrics on this track are typical of a pop-punk song, a post breakup, so you can feel the emotion in the lyrics and possibly relate to it. Then add the usual spin of a happy instrumental background. It’s just punk-esque!

The song starts with an easy feel to it, a slow build into the chorus, then once it hits, BANG! A steady drum beat has you nodding your head and tapping your feet simultaneously. Fading back out to another verse, the lyric ‘pass me another drink till the hurt leaves’ comes in reinforces the heartbreak in the lyrics.

The chorus hits again, and this time you’re so much more pumped! After the next fade out, it makes it sound as though the song is ending, with a rhythmic pattern, leaving you in sadness, desperate for more, making you want to press play once again, but don’t be fooled. It shifts to the chorus once again before bringing them typical pop punk vibes of the ‘Na Na Na’ and then ending with a breakdown at 3:19 which will have you throwing hands in the pit for a minute long.

Read our interview with Ronx from the other month.

Listen on Spotify.

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