Band Q&A – These Five Years

We caught up with These Five Years for the 2nd time this year, after announcing their new EP to come out, and their commitment to Perspective, see what they had to say;

When we last spoke in June you had less than 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. You now have over 9,000! What is it like gaining such a quick fan base in just a few months?

It’s been pretty great to be honest! We’ve been really lucky to get on some bigger playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as gigging more widely with tons of great bands like Everyone & Anyone, This Time Last Year, Northshore, and Wishing Wolf, have really helped us get our music out to new audiences.

Tell us what inspired your songs ‘Landing Light’ and ‘Enclosure’?

‘Landing Light’ is a pretty personal one, but to cut a long story short it’s about making peace with your roots. We spend quite a lot of time in life stressing and worrying about things that we can’t impact, can’t control, and are not our faults. It’s about accepting the imperfections in yourself, the people you love, and knowing that moving on isn’t the same as never going back. We wanted to write a more mid-tempo song in the vein of songs like ‘Want You Around’ by Knuckle Puck and ‘In Bloom’ by Neck Deep. It’s a real rewarding song to play live and has been going down very well.

I think most people in music have struggled with perfectionism, which is about 90% of what ‘Enclosure’ is about. The hook of the song – ‘so am I disappointing you, or do I make you proud?’ is a bit of a rhetorical question. It’s unpicking the warped sense of self that overworking can create – simultaneously you’re told you’re working too hard, and yet not doing enough. And that perfectionism feeds anxiety – we wanted to talk about how unsustainable our current attitudes towards work ethics are, and how ridiculous they can seem when seen from the outside.

Your new EP comes out 27th September. What can we expect from the rest of the songs on it?

It’s definitely a darker release than our first EP, ‘How It’s Been’. It’s still pop punk for sure, but we experimented with more harsh vocals, and also more ambient and softer sections than we’ve previously done. Ian Sadler, our producer, did an amazing job on the mixes and we’re incredibly proud of how punchy the record sounds. We’ve been playing the old songs for quite some time now, so I hope people are pleasantly surprised with the variety on the record.

You will be heading on a 5 date tour around England and Wales to support this release with the guys in ‘Everyone and Anyone’. How excited are you for this? What city are you most looking forward to visiting?

We did a mostly northern weekender with Everyone & Anyone back in June with This Time Last Year, so we’re excited to be playing down south a bit! I think Hereford will be a highlight – we’ve played a few times before and it’s always been great. Cardiff is our home town so we can’t wait for that. We’ve only done Reading and Southampton the once before and we’ve never played Bath – we’re excited to see some new venues. E&A are a ridiculously good live band so we’ve got our work cut out for us!

You did also just complete a quick run with Wishing Wolf and Northshore recently, and it seems you have become the bestest of friends. How was this experience for you?

That run was far and away the nicest tour we’ve ever been a part of. Both bands were incredible and smashed it every night, it was just a really lovely end to all our summers to be honest. We also met some really cool dogs, which is always important. We’ve already talked about making it an annual thing we had that much fun!

You recently signed to Perspective management. How does it feel being recognised by them?

Perspective have been awesome to us – Alex and Tom have so much knowledge and it’s really helped us organise as a band and really think about our sound and what we stand for. We’ve got an awesome team behind us with them and our record label Stereo Brain – we definitely would not be where we are without Luke and Calum who believed in us right from the start. It’s just amazing to be recognised for our music generally, most of us hadn’t been doing bands for some time before we started These Five Years so to be under management, with a record contract, about to release our 2nd EP, and start our 10th run of UK shows, just feels amazing.

Is Harry still annoying everyone whilst also wearing his Nintendo merch still?

He’s trying to. One day maybe he’ll dress well!

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