Band Of The Week – These Five Years

These Five Years are a pop-punk/emo band from Cardiff, Wales! Intertwining fast tempos with poppy leads and aggressive rhythms. Alongside honest British vocals, their music is emotive and reflective storytelling.; optimistic, realistic and sombre. Their debut single ‘Persistence’ was released in July 2017, followed in January 2018 by their debut EP ‘How It’s Been’.

They signed with Stereo Brain Records in March 2019, as their debut artist. Releasing their singles ‘I Hope You Know’ and ‘Landing Light’. ‘This Could All Be So Easy’ is their first EP with Stereo Brain. The record centres around the simple question – Life should be simple, but it isn’t, why? It is an introspective, honest evaluation of how we liv, how we cope and how we move on from a past that haunts the present. It is a darker release for the band, with more harsh vocals and heavier guitars.

The EP came out on September 27th 2019. The two singles released so far are currently having the band enjoy over 7000 monthly listeners on Spotify. After successful playlisting, this has set the band up for their latest EP to grow even more successful!

Since 2017 These Five Years have supported big hitters, such as; Trash Boat, Dream State, WSTR and Forever Came Calling. They opened for Flogging Molly in December 2018. In July 2018 the band went on their first full UK tour and have been on several weekenders since, with Penelope Tree, Wishing Wolf and Seven Stories High. The band are set to tour the UK in October with Everyone and Anyone.

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