Band Of The Week – Eddy & The Arson’s

Upbeat and infectiously catchy Punk Rock coming from Chicago’s South Side, Eddy and the Arsons are a 3-piece band that started in April 2017 as a solo project by guitarist/vocalist Eddy Arson. In June of 2017, Eddy recruited fellow local musicians, Adam Pilarczyk on bass guitar and Jason Henricy on drums, to form as a live band.

In July 2017, Eddy and the Arsons released their debut album “Wall of Text” on multiple digital retailers online. In November 2017, Jason parted ways with the band, and was briefly replaced by drummer, Jonas Dorian until drummer, Jake Bozsman joined in Febuary 2018. Also, in 2018, the band has also released two singles, “When Your Past Comes Back” and “Where Does The Time Go?”.

In August 2019, the band released their newest single, “Go Away” from the upcoming EP which is set to release in September 2019. Currently, Eddy and the Arsons is playing shows wherever they can, as well as writing and recording new material for their followup album.

Read our previous interview with them here.

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