Band Q&A – Insolace

Insolace hail from London, UK! Consisting of;

  •  Millie Cook – Vocals
  •  Conor Hyde – Guitar
  • Regan Wharton – Guitar
  • Sam Bryant – Bass
  •  Onyi Olisa – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Bring Me The Horizon
  2. Dream State
  3. Vukovi

2. Your single ‘Calm’ came out last month. What inspired the lyrics to this track?

The song is about the burden you can carry after a break up and the lack of closure that can sometimes come with that situation. The song is a plea to make that person realise the hurt they have caused.

3. ‘Calm’ has also performed very well, streaming over 24,000 times already. How does that feel to get that reception on your debut track?

Yeah we’re all stoked with how it’s doing so far, it’s out performed any of our expectations!

4. We know that the band formed from Conor’s previous band Oceans. What made you then form Insolace instead?

Oceans fizzled out and that band gradually came to a natural end, so that allowed a fresh start! It meant bringing on entirely new band members, a new sound, a new band name and even a new location for where the band is based.

5. You’ve left us desperate to hear more from Insolace. When will we have another track?

Haha well our next release will be before the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled…

6. Where did your band name come from?

The name ‘Insolace’ is two words, ‘In’ and ‘Solace’ just squashed together. The name heavily relates to the general lyrical themes of our songs, as there are references throughout our material that hints at tackling the stigma towards mental health issues. We try to portray a positive and hopeful message through our music, hence the name of our band. For us we feel it’s a very fitting name for what we’re about.

7. What do you do when you’re not musically involved?

When we’re not doing music we’re thinking about doing music!

8. Who has the worst dress sense?

We’d have to put Regan’s name forward for this one. His clothes are fine… when he bothers to keep them on!

9. Funniest show story?

There’s plenty of information we can’t disclose regarding the night of our single launch that relates to narcotics, violence and someone getting arrested… so we’ll divulge a watered down PG story that occurred at our single launch. Outside the venue there was construction on a neighbouring building and after we played, loads of us (including the supporting bands and a lot of the audience) had a battle with the scaffolding foam!

10. Most annoying member?

We’d have to say Regan again for his drunken antics!

11. Who has the worst tattoo?

Our singer Millie has a tattoo of an iPod with an Ed Sheeran album on the screen…

12. Where would you most like to perform?

That would have to be the states. Almost half our streams are from the US and it’s always been a life long dream of all of ours to tour the states! It’s the ultimate goal…

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