These Five Years – This Could All Be So Easy (Review)

Cardiff based band These Five Years released their most recent EP on September 27th following up their debut EP ‘How It’s Been’. The 6-song EP is now having the band boast over 10,000 Spotify listeners!

Better The Devil – A fade in intro starts this record on its way, with an instrumental following. The pure raw vocals of the UK accent hit you hard. The chorus of this song is catchy, and you can’t escape it. What I really like about this track is at 3:20 when the backing vocals come in, Harry Morgan (Vocals) is passionately singing, it makes your hairs stand on edge. It really makes you feel things.

Enclosure – This track was the 3rd and last single released before bringing out the whole record. These Five Years said in an interview that the lyrics for this track are based on ‘perfectionism’ which is shown in the hook ‘So am I disappointing you – or do I make you proud?’. My favourite part of this song is right at the start, with Harry leading the instrumentals in.

I Hope You Know – This song was the lead single and it holds up perfectly. ‘I Hope You Know’ is inarguably my favourite song off this EP, and I’m sure it’s a lot of other peoples too. I may say it a lot, but this song is just pure poppy punky. Fast rhythmic drums perfect for bouncing around that tiny venue. The vocals in this will actually just make you melt too! They also recorded a video to this track.

Landing Light – The follow up to ‘IHYK’. This one starts considerably slower than the above tracks, and instantly you can feel the negative emotions to inspire the lyrics. At 2:15, once again in this EP, you hear the pure, energetic vocals, with a mini ‘breakdown’ for the hardcore fans. In a previous interview TFY told us that Landing Light is about making peace with your roots. ‘We spend quite a lot of time in life stressing and worrying about things that we can’t impact, can’t control, and are not our faults’. Check out the lyric video.

Mea Culpa – The penultimate track of this fantastic record! It follows LL on an even slower foot, before surprise attacking with lively instruments. There no ‘one thing’ to pick out on this track because it all stands out at the same time, as I’ve previously mentioned several times about the gritty vocals and rhythmic instruments, once again These Five Years manage to perfect it!

Feathers – This song ends this amazing short album perfectly. With this considerably shorter song (2:04) it eases you out of it, ready to listen to it over and over again. It keeps a steady hand throughout, instead of using his typical vocals like throughout, we get to experience the calm side of Harry, and the amazing guys in These Five Years. The very last words on this EP are ‘Don’t Give Up’, which sums up what the whole record is about.

Don’t Give Up.

Listen to This Could All Be So Easy.

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