Band Of The Week – Mitchell Mantell

Mitchell Mantell is an independent artist/producer from Australia, who aims to create his own style as much as possible and push the boundaries of music and guitar. He writes, performs, records and produces his own music, with his little assistant, Tilly, the dog. ​

Originally starting his musical interest with Hip-Hop artists like Eminem, Mitchell received his first guitar on his 13th birthday. Having his own guitar he ventured away from listening to hip hop and start listening to early rock bands and became heavily influenced in his playing by American instrumental rock guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Joe Satriani and guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. Mitchell’s heavy musical taste didn’t happen till he was in high school and a friend showed him Killswitch Engage. He was instantly drawn in by the sheer aggression of the vocals, mixed with melodic and heavy guitar riffs.

In his Early 20’s, Mitchell decided to shift his focus from constantly writing music to prioritizing work and himself. After watching mixing tutorials on YouTube and eventually joining Nail The Mix, Mitchell decided to start writing and recording himself. 2014 was the year that Mitchell started honing his style after being blown away by his now biggest influence, Sam Jacobs and his guitar play through on the track ‘Onyx’ by the Canadian Progressive Metalcore band The Afterimage. After discovering the bands Napoleon, The Parallel and Dance Gavin Dance, Mitchell was lead to the sound and style he wanted to create with placing his own twist

Mitchell started writing the tracks for ‘This Is Your Opportunity EP’ back in 2017. Mitchell wasn’t able to find the right clean vocalist until he became friends over Facebook in 2018, with Joshua Ratcliff (Resurgence). Mitchell asked Tre Pruitt (The Amplitude Endeavour) to be the scream/growl vocalist on the EP, after Mitchell mixed and mastered 2 tracks off their upcoming EP.

‘This Is Your Opportunity EP’ features guest performances from Jared Johnson (DEAD to RITES) and Rhyse Aquilina (Rhyse Ayuilina & Pliskin and the Purple Funk)

‘This Is Your Opportunity EP’ was released digitally on the 15th of August 2019.

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