Band Q&A – Planet Mercury

Planet Mercury are from Massachusetts. Their members are;

  • Jerry Picard – Guitar/Lead Vocals
  • Michaela Logan – Guitar
  • Pat Connolly – Bass
  • Chris Lovejoy – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

  1. Green Day
  2. The Story So Far
  3. Oasis

2. How did you get your band name?

Unfortunately there’s no cool story behind it, it was a name Michaela came up with to anonymously post music on bandcamp a few years ago.

3. Your EP ‘None In a Million’ came out back in February. Has it achieved what you set out for it to achieve?

We think so! We appreciate all of the support it’s been getting, especially Burn. We think that without people posting about it and listening, we wouldn’t have been given some of the great opportunities we’ve had this past summer.

4. What was your song writing process for ‘NIAM’?

We were actually in quite a time crunch for this EP, so basically every week we would hunker down and just write until we couldn’t write anymore. We basically finished up the songs a few days before we entered the studio, but we still felt confident in the way they came out.

5. What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

Hopefully a year from now, we’ll be touring regularly, and promoting some new music that we’ve just recorded!

6. What was Planet Mercury’s first gig experience like?

Our first show experience was really cool! We held a show at Jerry’s house which we’ve coined “The Barn”. We had two other local bands on the bill, and it was a really great way to break into playing live.

7. Biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge so far has definitely been affording everything on our own as an independent band, but it’s always worth it in the end.

8. What’s your favourite thing about performing?

Our favorite thing about performing would have to be crowd interaction and reaction. There’s nothing better than an interested and enthusiastic crowd, it can really make a show great.

9. ‘Burn’ is arguably your most popular song. But what is your favourite song of yours?

Collectively, our favourite song to play live is probably “I’ll Thank Me Later”. A lot of our lyrics come from negative things we see related to social media and social trends in our generation that we hope to turn around. We want to write music that makes people happy but isn’t afraid to touch upon serious topics.

10. What do you all when you’re not musically involved?

When we aren’t playing, we all work regular jobs, and like to stay active with sports and the gym when we can.

11. Where would you most like to tour?

All of us would really love to tour Canada or Europe, but unfortunately we don’t have passports yet!

12. Who has the worst dress sense?

It’s hard to say, none of us are the most fashionable, but I don’t think we could pick any one person to say they’re the worst dressed!

13. Funniest show story?

After a show at a venue called The Raven, we had a friend help load our gear into Jerry’s car. Our friend didn’t realise that the corner of one of the amps was sticking out a little too far, and when he closed the door, it completely shattered the glass of Jerry’s rear window. The venue owner came out and laughed, it’s definitely a moment we’ll remember for a long time.

14. What was is like shooting the video for ‘Cynical Serenade’?

Shooting Cynical Serenade was a really cool experience! We actually drove to Brooklyn to film it in a studio space there, and we sent the director a bunch of old phones to burn for the storyline clips. Overall, it was a really cool experience.

15. Most annoying member?

We all agree that Jerry is absolutely the most annoying member (in an endearing way of course) He’s always singing or humming “Love on Top” by Beyoncé or something by The Proclaimers.

16. Who has the worst tattoo?

None of us really have bad looking tattoos, but Michaela once got a flower tattoo on a whim if that counts.

17. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

I think if we had that much money, we’d probably start a side business where we made and sold our own coffee. We could call it “The Mercury Cafe.” We’re all a bit coffee obsessed so we could see ourselves doing something like that for sure, haha.

Listen on Spotify.

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