Dry Land Is A Myth – (DBFB review)

Destroy The Beast, Find The Baby have release their second EP – ‘Dry Land Is A Myth’ on Friday 8th November. The Bristol based quartet have brought this out to follow up their debut ‘Cancel The Apocalypse’ back in 2017.

Undertow – Starting all the nautical named songs off is ‘Undertow’. The EP starts on a ‘pirate-y’ solo, before breaking into fast paced intro, followed with an ‘OH, NO!’ The lyrics in this are sung quickly by Ash. What I like about this track is at 1:51 it brings a short but snappy ‘riffythm’. You can still hear the sound that follow from their previous EP ‘Cancel The Apocalypse’. However, Ash brings out some harsh vocals towards the end of the track, I’ll leave that a surprise for all of you…

Dry Land Is A Myth – The title track, a fantastic song. Starting off with a very grunge-y riff. Following on from Undertow, the rough vocals continue, in this song used a little more too. It works in favour with the riff throughout the song. The 2:18 breakdown is the highlight of this one.

Across The Sea – This one starts on a much slower foot to the previous song, before picking up, and stripping back down once more. Ash seems to explore his vocals more in this one, it would be easy to see this being picked for an acoustic track out of the 5. At 3:08 it goes into a simple solo, so mellow, quiet vocals soften it out too. A quite beautiful song about a past relationship.

Always A Lighthouse – Off with a bang! An intro worthy of a pit from the start. This follows the theme of the EP, fast vocals and hard hitting, fast rhythms. This song may hold my favourite breakdown of this EP. It’s a tough choice between them all…

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – Spanning 5:44 seconds, this song is an outlier. This track makes the ‘best breakdown’ award hard. At 2:26 when everything is stripped down, you can feel something special is going to happen. 24 seconds later you’ll be slinging your beer, racing to jump, mosh, and do whatever you do when you’re feeling the vibes. I think this is a great song to end on, especially the outro carrying the nautical theme with seagulls squawking away.

I really liked this album and you can easily see the progression from the guys in DTBFTB. I would highly recommend checking it out!

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