Fan Interview – Steve

1. What band introduced you to this scene?

Loved the music for ages but Neck Deep proper got me into it. As they’re from Wrexham so am I 🙂 up the town!

2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

  1. WSTR
  2. Neck Deep
  3. Sum 41

3. What is your favourite song by each band?

Bad to the bone, rock bottom, out for blood.

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

Bassist is from Wrexham. 🙂

5. Favourite album ever?

Identity Crisis – wstr. All day every day

6. What is it that makes you love this scene?

The people, I thought I wouldn’t fit in because I’m completely different but I was welcome by a group of people that just liked me for being me. That meant a hell of a lot.

7. If it isn’t too personal, what song means the most to you and why?

Bad to the bone. Because when I was going through a hard time I had a demon that tried to tell me to do stupid things (never did) and the lyric ‘I’ve got an underlying demon that you don’t wanna meet’ was me in a sentence.

8. What was your last/next concerts?

WSTR Liverpool / WSTR Chester

9. Most recommended band?

Wstr again. All day every day

10. Favourite thing about our page?

The people the atmosphere and the vibe and the fact you include everyone in everything. This page is bloody fantastic!

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