Band Q&A – Medusa

Medusa are based in London! Their members are;

  • Julian Molinero – Vocals/Guitar
  • Kotaro Suzuki – Bass
  • Snell – Drums

You are recording with Steve Albini (Nirvana/Pixies) producer soon in Chicago soon, how excited are you for this experience?

I suppose it’s more stressful than exciting right now because we want it to be right and we will be recording it only four days studio time. The first Medusa album was recorded in five days back in 2006, and that was way too little time! That was only eight tracks too, and this will be ten!

How will the new album compare to your 2014 album ‘Headcase’s Handbook’?

Headcase’s Handbook was more commercial sounding and presenting all the ideas in a really clear sounding, obvious way. The new album will be called ‘In Bed with Medusa’ and is going to be rawer, muddier, more atmospheric and much darker. I built up a very specific vision for the album and it’s just very different, in many ways. I was trying to paint a very precise picture and describe an exact state of mind, consciously.

What has been your song-writing process for your new album compared to 2014?

It was just a bit more strategic and with a more rigid vision. I started recording demos on cassettes, back when we were still doing live gigs to promote the Headcase’s Handbook album and after a few months, nothing great was taking form. So, I decided we would take a break from live shows and spend exactly a year writing the songs and have no excuse for it not being exactly what I wanted it to be. I filled around eight or ten 90-minute cassettes with hundreds of songs and eventually got the ten keeper songs for the album, after a year and a half. The last two songs took a long time to come.

What was it like shooting the video in Hollywood for an upcoming track?

It was fun and exciting. The song is called ‘River Phoenix’ and so it seemed a logical move to film it outside The Viper Room. By pure coincidence, the last scenes were filmed on a street across from the hospital he was declared dead in, so I’m miming the vocals in these locations that happen to have this significance.

Will a tour follow the album?

We are concentrating so much on the album right now, that we really aren’t giving too much thought to anything beyond that. We plan to make three music videos, but besides River Phoenix, we aren’t totally sure which songs those will even be for, yet.

What inspired your lyrics to this album?

For a lot of the album, I was trying to describe a state of mind and also my surroundings. It was a very strong vision but it’s hard to describe, just a way of looking at the world. But then I started turning to storytelling and then also waiting for new stuff to happen to me. For a few songs, they are just stories, so it’s not all autobiographical. The lyrics have a very intimate nature to them, which is partly why the album is called In Bed with Medusa.

What’s your favourite song off the new album?

Probably *love not included, so I think it’s going to stand a good chance of being one of the songs we film a music video for.

What has been your biggest challenge so far, for this album?

After writing the songs, probably finding a new drummer, which we only just solved very recently, in the form of Snell from Towers of London. There were a lot of auditions with other drummers and a lot of sifting.

How do gigs compare now as to when you first started?

Well our very first gig was a total disaster, we were sixteen and fifteen and we’d only been playing with a drummer for a few weeks and they made us stop after two or three songs. We got banned by the venues for most of the early gigs, for various reasons. Our shows are still chaotic but we usually get through more songs these days.

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