Band Of The Week – Fluorescents

Fluorescents are a Chicago Pop-Punk band formed in 2018. Deriving from the earliest sounds of Green Day, Blink-182 & Fall Out Boy as well as more modern takes such as the Story So Far, The Wonder Years, and Neck Deep, Fluorescents aim to bridge the gap between what was and what is, and ultimately shed some light into the future of what will become of the seemingly immortal pop punk movement!
Although this incarnation of the band has only been around for a couple years, Tyler, Bobby & Sasquel have been creating music together since high school. Their catalogue of songs spans well over 10 years, and still jam some of those originals penned all those years ago. The drummer, Alex, joined up with Fluorescents a couple of months ago & has made quick work of mastering our entire repertoire of songs all the while adding his own unique flair to the tracks! Coming off a packed show at one of Chicago’s most well known venues Subterranean & the release of their brand new single “Seasons”, Fluorescents are more stoked than ever to see what the future has in store for them. Stay tuned!

Fluorescents are:

  • Tyler – Vocals, Lead Guitar, & Programming
  • Bobby- Bass & Vocals
  • Sasquel – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
  • Alex – Drums

About the ‘Losing Sleep’ EP

Their debut EP ‘Losing Sleep’ was released on July 19th. It is a four track journey that covers concepts such as introspection, self reflection, social anxiety, risk taking, and compassion. The opening track ‘Future Tripping’ is about looking at where you’re at in life, and making sense of how far you’ve come based on decisions that you’ve made and circumstances you could not control. ‘Conversation Piece’ is a tangible love song about a significant that totally just completes your world. ‘Complacent’ is a very personal song that covers the anxieties of life and how they affect your relationships and overall mental health. ‘Down to Earth’ is a piece about a loved one absorbing the compassion they are given in life and using it as an inflation to their ego, rather than giving it back to the world. You can find the official music videos for ‘Future Tripping’ & ‘Complacent’ on their youtube channel!

Photographer : Brandy Fik

Instagram: /

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