Fan Interview – Mattie

1. What band introduced you to this scene?

Panic! At the Disco and All American Rejects.

2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

Tonight Alive, Trophy Eyes, Counterparts, and Belmont.. just because I feel like it’s important to mention them too. They are just too good.

3. What is your favourite song by each band?

  • Tonight Alive – Don’t Wish,
  • Trophy Eyes- In Return
  • Counterparts- Choke
  • Belmont – Pushing Daisies.

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

Through a show I went to in 2012 or 2013 I believe. Tonight Alive was one of the openers and their music made me feel so free and strong. And they are a female fronted band so they got my attention easily. But there is just something about their music that makes me feel so emotional and connected. It’s amazing.

5. Favourite album ever?

See this is a question I’ll never be able to answer because there isn’t just one. I have so many favourite albums based on different things about them. Rather it be lyrically, musically or whatever. I’ll never have a single favourite. And I don’t want to.

6. What is it that makes you love this scene?

I’ve always felt comfortable in it. All my life I’ve struggled with being weird or having problems and what not and the scene always made me feel safe and appreciated. It didn’t matter what “problems” I had.

7. If it isn’t too personal, what song means the most to you and why?

This is honestly pretty easy because it’s a song that always describes how I’m feeling exactly and that song is ‘The Disconnect’ by Counterparts. It has such a deep meaning to it and it’s one I can relate to more than I do with a lot of songs. It puts my problems into words that I was never able to really put together myself. It helps knowing I’m not the only one that feels the EXACT same way.

8. What was your last/next concerts?

So the last concert I went to was ADTR and it was my 15th ADTR show which was pretty cool. I had also just seen Knocked Loose again and honestly it’s really cool how much they’ve grown since I first saw them in 2014. And so far, I have about 18 more shows that I’m planning to go to by the end of the year. And most of them are either hardcore or pop punk shows. Only a couple metalcore shows. A few upcoming ones though are The Devil Wears Prada, Judiciary, The Story So Far, Counterparts, Boston Manor, etc.

9. Most recommended band?

I definitely recommend Tonight Alive to anyone I meet that doesn’t listen to them, especially in the scene. Tonight Alive has music I feel that could help a lot of people and help them feel strong and that they’re not alone. I also constantly recommend Belmont to everyone because they deserve the listeners. They are just so good and have so many great elements that they put in their music. Like they are a pop punk band but they have really good metalcore type breakdowns and it makes them stand out.

10. Favourite thing about our page?

I love how you always involve the fans. I strongly believe that it’s extremely important to involve fans in programs and things just like this. It’s one thing that keeps the scene together and helps fans connect with other fans and bands/artists.

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