Band Q&A – When Thieves Are About

When Thieves Are About are from Lyndhurst, NJ. Their members are;

  • Alfredo Diaz – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Mike Greene – Backup Vocals/Lead Guitar
  • Ryan Struck – Lead Vocals/Bass
  • Josh Smith – Drums


1. Who are your bands top 3 influences?

That’s a tough one lol I can name a few but down to 3.

  1. NOFX
  2. Boys Night Out
  3. A Wilhelm Scream

Honourable mentions: (just to name a few) Lifetime, Daggermouth, Title fight, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Blood Brothers, Such Gold, Leftover Crack, Minor Threat, & Thursday.

2. How did you get your band name?

Our name was actually found in a booklet. The book was a gift. It contained news paper cut outs of when the Titanic sunk. One of the headlines read “Thieves Are About”. We added a “When” to the beginning and the rest is history.

3. What was your song writing process when writing ‘We’re Literally Almost There’?

The same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. It was a long process due to work and for everyone to agree on everything as a team in order for us all to leave satisfied. Also, we don’t just release to release. There’s a lot of thought put into our songs and everyone has their piece in it.

4. ‘We’re literally almost there’ came out in May of 2018, do you have anything coming out soon?

At the moment no. We are just focusing on playing shows and setting up weekenders. What I can say is I have been doodling/writing bones of songs & lyrics. When ideas come, you just go with it. So I do have many ideas to bring to the table for the future. So stay tuned kids.

5. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Starting/having a positive thinking band with everyone’s head within the same frame of goals that you want to be accomplished. As long as you guys can come to an agreement on what everyone wants out of this, then it should be smooth sailing. That’s the hardest challenge in a band I feel.

6. What was your first ever gig like?

Hahaha my first gig was in a North Bergen 2nd Floor Apt Building in a friends Bedroom in 2001 LMFAO! Packed with kids.

As for “When Thieves Are About” it was in March of 2010 with the Atari’s at Webster Hall NYC, great freaking time with great people.

7. What was your most wild show?

I think one of the wildest moments was playing a St. Patrick’s Day show at the Old Post 282 in Harrison NJ around 2005. All the mics were dropped on stage from people pushing and people were going through walls. BAHAHAHA! Still have that recorded on tape. Tape! Lol

8. What’s your favourite thing about preforming?

I can’t just pick one to be honest. I just love preforming as a whole. I really enjoy the fans and making music and getting a feeling from our supporters. Expressing myself in this form of art is what I love. The best payoff is when someone listens and connects to your art in some way close to how you felt the moment you were writing it.

9. What do you guys do when you’re not busy with music?

Spend most of my time with family, pets and friends. Love listening to Vinyl, watching sports and movies.

10. Who’s the worst dressed?

I feel like we all dress the same haha!

11. Pizza or Tacos?


12. Who has the worst tattoo?

I guess Josh because he’s the only one with Tattoos ha.

13. Fast forward and your millionaires, what do you do with the money?

Payoff all my debit, buy a house, travel, invest into my own business (perhaps a record label).

14. Where do you see the band 5 years from now?

Hopefully touring with a few more records under our belt.

15. What is your favourite song off the album, and why?

I’d say the last song ‘Inertia’. I feel it has a little bit of everything in it when it comes to our influences mentioned above. Also, I had this feeling of ease and comfort while putting this one together. I was listening to a lot of Pet Sounds and SMiLE by The Beach Boys at the time along with Comeback Kid and A Wilhelm Scream.

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