Band Q&A – Rainsound

In the world of screamo and post-hardcore, the scene is growing and showing positive efforts to take over the world since late 90’s-2000’s. This 4-piece post-hardcore outfit rainsound from Lowell, Massachusetts is pushing boundaries within the Lowell scene with ambience and heart. The band discuss their progression with music, their latest updates, and take on climate change.

Interview members include:

  • Dan McCarthy – Guitar/Vocals
  • Nick Donnellan – Bass/Vocals
  • Evan Kelley – Guitar

“Your latest release was ‘our bones were never meant to last.’ How is the album treating you guys and any more plans to support the record?”

Dan: “I’d say obwnm2l (our bones were never meant to last) is undoubtedly our most successful release to date. It has been very refreshing to be able to release a couple tracks that we feel good about, that represents our band, and how we sound to date. While this release has brought on a lot of new listeners and brought our listener count up; I’d like to say we’re eager to release even more tracks much like the ones we wrote for obwnm2l. The run with Dreamwell were hoping will bring us some added exposure but after that we’re going to be focusing on writing our 7 if not 8 song LP as we think this smaller release is a good tool to represent the LP and what people should expect from it”

“Who are your biggest influences in the progression of your band?”

Dan: “Good question! In terms of the music itself or progression of the band growing as an entity?”

“Both, why not!”

Evan: “I feel like musically we all have pretty different pulls. I know my influences are at least far different from what Dan and Nick’s are. I don’t really listen to much of the same music they do, but I think that makes the writing process a lot more exciting. We all kind of come in with our own thing and see the parts transform into something pretty unique.”

Dan: “Yes! Going off what Evan said I think everyone, including past members, have vastly different influences. I believe nick listens to heavy music the most, while I still listen to heavy music from time to time, but I’ve been on a huge indie, shoegaze, alt rock etc. kick, but I use my influences from everywhere to put toward rainsound. I personally love adding all the unexpected nuances to really make a part “unique” or at least strive for such. When I listen to music, I love hearing those little creative things and strive to do this for this band.

Outside of a musical aspect, I use myself and progression as an individual to progress as an artist and musician, which reflects in the lyrics and music and how myself and the band as a whole operates. Because being a person who is constantly learning and growing can certainly rub off on the music and how the band progresses in terms of the direction the band goes and our goals and what we want to accomplish. Much like a lot of have goals as individuals and what we want to accomplish, as well.”

Evan: “For my lead parts I primarily draw from stuff from The Moon & Antarctica by Modest Mouse and Silent Alarm by Bloc Party. I feel like the spacey atmospheric leads on M&A work over rainsound’s heavier / darker songs. It adds a nice texture on top of everything. For our more upbeat / major keyed sections that’s when I like to switch it up and play the more staccato-y, dry, angular stuff that’s in Silent Alarm.”

Dan: “One of my all-time favorite bands is Dance Gavin Dance mostly due to the vast variety of what their music offers in terms of indie, screamo, post hardcore, experimental, technical, tongue and cheek, yet serious. My vocals no doubt draw from the backup vocals in Thursday (another main influence of mine) which also offers the variety I was talking about. I’ve grown to want to express myself more lyrically, however. So as the band progress I wanted to push myself to write more lines with sustenance. I then started to gain inspiration from Jon Mess from DGD because not only has his vocal style drastically improved over time, he candidly and unashamedly says whatever he wants and just expresses himself in a way I admire so much. This may also be a silly example but when we started as a 3 piece, I drew a ton of influence from blink-182 as they were a band that expresses themselves however, they want and wrote simple yet catchy and almost timeless riffs. I really wanted to apply that dynamic to us, as well. In a nutshell, I have incredibly particular influences from all over the place.”

Nick: “my primary influences are probably Envy (jp), this will destroy you, Thursday, and There Will Be Fireworks. I love things that sound enormous. I’ve always been attracted to the more cinematic side of songwriting/performance. also, artistic integrity is incredibly important to me; I really appreciate writers and musicians that have a clear vision and stick to it. The most important thing I could ever hope to accomplish in this band would be to move someone emotionally in any way. That takes priority over all other things for me; no money or popularity could tell me otherwise.”

“You guys went on a fall run with Ghostpool last month? How was that?”

Dan: “Yes! It’s was good. It was certainly a growing experience as it was our first run as a band. Every show was very solid, and we made a lot more money and sold a lot more merch than we thought we were going to. It was nice being able to spend more time together as a band and actually hang out outside of a band practice or strictly a show because of all our busy lives. It’s something I’d certainly like to do more of. On the note of it being a growing experience, I’m confident the next run with Dreamwell in December will be even better, especially since poor Cullen (Drummer) and Evan won’t be crammed in the back of my forester this time around. It’s definitely a getaway experience I always look forward to.”

“Anything fun happen on tour? What are some good memories?”

Dan: “The shows were fun! A lot of the good memories for me were just kind of letting loose, being ourselves and making the most fun of our performances and down-time together. As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t really get to spend a lot of time as a group outside of practice and shows, so it was great spending that time together and getting closer as a band and as friends.”

“Awesome. So, you guys released two separate variants of your newest music video for ‘monarch wing,’ one variant for those that are sensitive to light. What was the motive in that?”

Nick: “Credit for this idea must go to our friend Mike Jannino (Dream Drop Media), actually. the lights we used in the standard version could be a potential risk for someone with epilepsy/a seizure disorder, so we wanted to do our best to accommodate everyone. Mike is a dear friend of ours and they genuinely helped my dreams come true with this video. Got not”

Find the music video here:

“Your lyrics and visuals are haunting on the new record. How does the emotional driven sound affect the Lowell scene?”

Dan: “I’m not too sure to be honest, because I don’t know exactly what our bands hometown scene specifically thinks of our music overall, but I like to think it sets us apart! We often times play with a lot of indie/alt rock bands give or take; but it’s nice to be the band that can contribute to a band being interestingly mixed. I also like to think we’re heavy enough to stand out on those bills, not be too heavy but to be a part of them. While I think the haunting lyrics and visuals are for a specific kind of audience. There are still people who gravitate toward that aesthetic as opposed to others. It can be nice to be the band that hits those certain sweet spots for those certain listeners.”

“Alright last one, what is your take on climate change? They say we have roughly 12 years to make a difference before the damage is irreversible.”

Dan: “Oh wow, well personally I’m very conscientious of waste and I’m feeling more and more everyday if I ever use a straw or plastic bag, or forced to not recycle depending on where I am. I think being mindful to our planet in the long run is so important because if we tear a hole in the ozone layer it will legitimately be an apocalypse and it’ll be like what probably dozens of movies have predicted over time.”

Interview conducted on November 2nd, 2019 by Austin Zlotecki.

You can find rainsound’s ‘our bones were never meant to last’ on all streaming platforms. Purchase the ‘OBWNMTL’ limited cassette from Mourning Record’s webstore:

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