Band Q&A – Reclaimer

Reclaimer are from Lincoln, UK! Their members are;

  • Harrison Cook – Vocals
  • Michael Whittey – Guitar
  • Robert Featherstone – Bass
  • Cameron Corton – Drums

1. Who are your top 3 influences?

Nailing it down to a top 3 is a difficult one, we like such a mix! We’d say our middle ground would be Counterparts, Casey and Being As An Ocean. Bonus mention to Architects, because who isn’t in the UK scene?

2. You’re heading out on tour with We Struck Gold in February. Have you shared a stage with them before? What city are you most looking forward to playing?

We’ve come close to playing with the We Struck Gold lads before but this is the first time it’s come together for us all. We’re looking forward to all the shows but we’d have to say either Cardiff or Luton. They’re two places we’ve never played before and we’re excited to see what they’re all about.

3. Grief Enslaved came out on August 2nd. Has the EP achieved what you wanted it to?

We’d say so. It’s got our name out there a little further and gained us plenty of new fans which is always good. We believe it’s shown that we have what it takes to succeed as a band, and will only help us further down the line.

4. How did the writing process differ to Same Hell, Different Devil’s?

The writing process for Grief Enslaved was done over the course of a few months, whereas writing for Same Hell’s was over the course of a year. We believe that shows when you listen to Same Hells as we didn’t really manage to define a sound, whereas we like to think we’ve achieved that with ‘Grief Enslaved’.

5. What do you hope to achieve a year from now?

We’d love to have toured outside the UK again, that would be really cool. Otherwise, our options are fairly open and we’ll be sitting down soon to discuss what we want to achieve. We want to take this as far as humanly possible.

6. What was Reclaimer’s first gig experience like?

Our first gig was a bit of a crazy one, we made an 8 hour round trip to support From Sorrow To Serenity in a tiny bar in Worthing. Think there was one guy in there who liked our sound, the rest were there for the headline. Hell of a long trip to gain one fan, but they all add up.

7. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Our EU tour with ‘To Kill Achilles’ was challenging. It was the first time we’d been over as a band and we had no idea what to expect. They look after you so well over there but it was the drives that started to get to us, and it’s an experience which could’ve torn many bands apart. Thankfully we helped each other out and got through it. We’ll be better prepared next time.

8. What inspired the lyrics to Grief Enslaved?

Grief Enslaved is a collective of our personal struggles, some of it even relating to the band itself. We were all going through tough times at the time of writing and it’s safe to say we used music as an outlet.

9. What do you all do when you’re not musically involved?

We’re all fairly busy outside of the band, we all work full time jobs so that takes up a lot of our time. Otherwise Harrison and Bob are usually floating around at gigs, Cam is busy being a lumberjack and Michael is watching Manchester United.

10. Who has the worst dress sense?

Bob, much as he’d love to argue. We don’t know why, he just always has ever since we started the band. He’s getting better, mind.

11. Funniest show story?

Probably the one time we played Derby. We were touring with the South Cave boys and we had to replace a show there last minute so we ended up playing a working mans pub with no promotion to 4 people. They all hated us. Our support act was a Harrison DJ set and a super group we formed with South Cave playing Enter Shikari covers. If you weren’t there, you missed out.

12. Pizza! What do y’all have?

We’re all pretty easy pizza wise, Harrison likes a lot of his veggie/vegan stuff so probably has the widest range of us all. The rest of us tend to go for some kind of meaty pizza but are all pretty easy too. Even Ham and Pineapple. Kill the stigma. We’ll take it.

13. Who’s the most annoying member?

Toss up between Harrison and Bob. Harrison can get needy, he once spent 3 hours convincing us to go to Turtle Bay and eventually ended up sulking till we went! As for Bob, his sense of humour is terrible. Dad jokes central.

14. Who has the worst tattoo?

Harrison hands down. He has a gravestone on his arm which says “Thug” on it. His reasoning is “Thug until death”. Awful stuff.

15. Fast forward and you’re millionaires. What do you do with the money?

Honestly we’d all still be doing something in music. Michael is very keen on the studio side of things so he’d likely open up his own studio, whereas the rest of us would likely still be on the road, we’d just have a lot more money behind us which would make things easier to say the least. Of course we’d give a fair bit to family and friends, but that’s pretty standard.

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