Fan Interview – Cory

1. What band introduced you to this scene?

I saw your interview with Fluorescents.

2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

  1. Blink 182
  2. Taking Back Sunday
  3. New Found Glory.

3. What is your favourite song by each band?

  1. Dysentery Gary
  2. Cute Without the E (Cut from the team)
  3. All Downhill From Here.

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

Blink 182 in high school. “Dammit” I found by an illegal downloading platform, but I own all their albums (besides NINE. Worst stuff they ever put out. Makes you think who was writing all the good songs •cough• TOM) Taking Back Sunday I also found online, and I own all their albums. New Found Glory I heard from a friend. He lives in Florida and somehow heard of their album Nothing Gold Can Stay, so we basically been following them from the beginning.

5. Favourite album ever?

My favourite Album ever is Yellowcard – One For The Kids.

6. What was your last concert?

My last concert was in Chicago, November 2nd and I saw Fluorescents. It was at the Subterranean.

7. Most recommended band?

We Outspoken is my most recommended band! Please check them out on all streaming platforms. I’m pretty good Twitter friends with the lead guitarist and frontman Anthony. He’s an awesome dude, can shred/sing/ and the whole band is very nice and humble. They reply in DMs and posts on social media. It’s nice to have that fan/band interaction, and their music ROCKS!

8. Favourite thing about our page?

My favourite thing about Punk, Rocks! gotta be the Band Interviews, or the Polls. Thank you for bringing us great content, and bands that I probably never would of heard if it wasn’t for you! I wish your page much more success!

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