Concert Review – WSTR

On Wednesday 4th December I ventured all the way down to Swindon (a nice 218 miles) to see my favourite band, WSTR, once more.

Drag Me Down

Kicking off this show was Swindon’s very own pop punk band, Drag Me Down. The trio, consisting of Oscar Manners, James Bowles and Tristan Gorman poured their hearts out into their short, but sweet performance. The band have a great potential! It was hard to have too much presence on stage as Oscar (vocals) also played guitar, leaving him limited to movement. However, when he had the chance he was jumping around and even managed to call the crowd forward, which we know is very rare for people to follow instructions from openers. They had sited that they get influence from The Bottom Line and it showed!


Up next was GETRZ, another Swindon based band, an indie-punk quartet who managed to surprise everyone in the venue. The energy was enticing, and honestly quite incredible. Starting off, their set was steady, and people were starting to vibe. It picked up massively when they decided to do a cover ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against the Machine. Frontman Josh Heather crowd surfed in the pit whilst bassist, Toby Pollitt, grabbed the microphone and screamed down it for 3 minutes. Maybe these guys could turn hardcore in their next album? The following songs on that set remained upbeat and they were a real pleasure to watch, I’d recommend seeing a live show of theirs!

Led by Lanterns

Led by Lanterns, a band that could headline themselves. After recently finishing tour with the departing Mallory Knox they announced their UK tour supporting WSTR. I had met a German girl who has flown over to do the full tour, just for LBL which is incredible! To everyone’s surprise, the Birmingham rock band went on to do a cover of Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ and yes, it is much better than the original. The energy from them was fantastic. There was even a guest appearance from Dan Rowbottom (tour manager) to fill in Tobi Duncan’s (Trash Boat) feature in the their most popular track ‘Alive’. I really enjoyed Led by Lanterns and am excited to see them again in the future.


Everyone was ready and waiting for the headline, inevitably the stage went black and there was an uproar in the crowd! Being the middle date on this tour, a few people who were doing multiple dates (including my friends) said this was the best so far! It was hard to disagree them in all honesty. This was my 5th time seeing WSTR and inarguably my favourite time. The crowd was so energetic, and for a cold December Wednesday night had fantastic figures. It was great to hear them play 2 songs from their debut EP ‘SKRWD’, although I still need to hear ‘Brainsick’ live once more in my life and I will be happy. Along with their old stuff, WSTR fans finally got their wish on this tour with them finally playing their old cover of ‘Break Stuff’ (Limp Bizkit), but Sammy said don’t tell anyone, so shhhh…

‘Gobshite’ was also a highlight, starting out the circle pit followed with the concert goers screaming out the last line, ‘our dad has taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks’. Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy my favourite track of theirs, ‘Footprints’ as I’d accidentally knocked someone’s glasses off in the intro, so I spent the 4 minutes looking for them… The one time the crowd was chilled was the slow song, the full room sat down with their torches out to listen, in which frontman Sammy stated that it was the first time he saw that, so we made history that night. Crowd surfers came at a million, in which a special thanks goes to Sammy and Dan from stopping me faceplant onto the stage. After the gig I waited around and got a photo with Alex (bass) and Sammy (Vocals). I cannot wait to see them (likely) in 2020.

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