Concert Review – Bloodsport

Bloodsport put on a hometown show to close out their hugely successful 2019, and here is why you should go see all 3 bands…

Loose Ends

These guys are one of few local pop-punk bands in Hull, but damn have they got some potential! In a tiny venue where it can hold 70, about 30 people came down to catch the opening band. Unfortunately, with it being a small venue and such a small stage the guys were very limited to movement, with the guitarists having to practically stand behind the bar. Another issue was that the instruments were way to loud to hear vocalist Max cleanly, except when they played my favourite track of theirs ‘Peacefully Together’, which I can really connect with on an emotional level. Other than that, their songs were constantly upbeat with easy-core breakdowns. I can’t wait to see them for the 4th time at Pop Punk Pile Up Fest in Huddersfield on the 18th!


Teesside band, it was hard to tell if vocalist Chris was a natural performer, or if he was on drugs. There’s no proving it, but I feel as though it was the latter. It did however make for a great energetic performance though as he was performing on the floor for extra space. Their sound was a bit better and you could hear the singer a bit more clearly. I wasn’t too keen on them by listening on Spotify, but after that gig I will be revisiting them. A lot of people thought that they were similar to The Hunna, and I could see that connection.


Where do I start? These guys are making absolute waves (pardon the song title pun) in the scene right now, quite possibly one of the fastest growing bands in the UK. The Hull band set up their own headline show and by the time they were on, the 70-cap venue was sold out. Joey Dean (vocals) followed suit on Motherland to perform on the floor at their hometown show. This made it much more intimate and led to the pit being a little sweaty. Their sound was set up much better than the previous 2 bands, but similarly it was too loud for it to be clean enough, but that was expected in a venue holding 70 concert goers. They still managed to sound fantastic. Consisting a setlist of 3 released songs already, one to be released soon, and then leaving us desperate for the other 3 to be released. They closed with ‘Waves’ which is a personal favourite. It made for a great ending, with the crowd holding Joey up in the air as they closed their 2019 so successfully!

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