Fan Interview – Jen

1. What band introduced you to this scene?

The band that got me into this type of music in general was Sleeping With Sirens, back when I was about nine or ten. They had an album come out the summer before I started middle school and it came up on my YouTube homepage, I listened and I was hooked. I literally had no idea that music outside of Top 40/what was on the radio existed!! From there I started listening to your typical emo kid starter bands, like Fall Out Boy, Pierce The Veil, and so on. The first *pop punk* bands I really liked, though, were Neck Deep, State Champs, and Real Friends, around 2015-2016 when ‘Life’s Not Out to Get You’, ‘Around the World and Back’, and ‘Home Inside My Head’ came out.

2. Who are your 3 favourite bands?

It fluctuates all the time from a list of about ten or so, but my three favorite bands right now are Grayscale, Trash Boat, and Knuckle Puck. I’ve also been super into Bearings and Rich People after seeing them on a few dates of Grayscale’s headliner earlier.

3. What is your favourite song by each band?

  • Grayscale – Catholic
  • Trash Boat – Strangers
  • Knuckle Puck – Give Up
  • Bearings – Aforementioned
  • Rich People – Cold Sweat

4. How did you discover your favourite band?

I honestly have found most of my current favorites through bands I had already loved, which is so awesome to me. I discovered Trophy Eyes at a Neck Deep Show, Grayscale and Boston Manor at a Real Friends show, Bearings and Rich People at a Grayscale show and Trash Boat at a Movements show.

5. Favourite album ever?

This is so tough!! But I have to go with ‘Life’s Not Out to Get You’ by Neck Deep. This album was released at such a crucial point in my life, and I needed it more than I knew at the time. I’m so beyond thankful for this record, in terms of the friends it brought me, the shows it got me to, and, of course, the amazing music that’s on it.

6. What is it that makes you love this scene?

The sheer love and appreciation from fan to fan, from band to band, and between bands and their fans. The experience that comes to mind for me is the first time I ever crowd surfed, I was terrified out of my mind, but everyone around me made sure I got up and down okay, and the energy from the band on stage (State Champs) just made me feel so comfortable in a normally daunting situation. I see it every time I’m at a show – people helping people get up to surf, getting setlists or picks for each other, offering to pay for strangers’ merch or coat check – it’s a community full of so much love. Even beyond the fans, getting to see bands multiple times and develop relationships with them is one of my favorite things about it all. I’ll forever treasure all the people I’ve met because of this scene, both fans and bands.

7. If it isn’t too personal, what song means the most to you and why?

The first song that comes to mind here is definitely ‘Laika’ by Boston Manor. It was the first song that I heard from them, a recommendation in passing from one of my friends, and for about a year it was the only song I knew by them. The first time I saw them live, their fall tour last year with Real Friends, I was feeling a little out of place due to it being my first real show in this type of scene, but as soon as Laika started I completely let go and had the time of my life. Since then I’ve only had amazing memories associated with it as I’ve gotten more into Boston Manor, from screaming the lyrics in the car with friends I’ve made because of the band, to surfing to it at shows, to absolutely bawling my eyes out as it plays at a show out of pure happiness. Anybody who knows me knows how much this song means to me, and it means even more to me that my lovely little group of friends know to hug me when it starts playing at a show.

8. What was your last/next concerts?

I had Knocked Loose and The Maine not so long ago, both at Webster Hall in New York City. I finally get a break for a little while!!

9. Most recommended band?

This is gonna sound terribly cheesy, but honestly every band that was on the Nella Vita North American tour earlier this fall. Grayscale put together such an amazing lineup, they’re great guys who make great music and so are the other bands on that bill. I went into the first date of that tour completely missing Rich People and knowing about half of both Bearings and Belmont’s sets, but by the end of the run it was impossible to keep me on the ground or out of the pit the entire night. I’m beyond grateful that I was able to go to four dates of that tour and develop such great connections with the guys in these bands; they’re all gonna take over the world very soon, and they deserve all of the success they’re getting.

10. Favourite thing about our page?

How easy it is to find new music!! I love scrolling through the question threads, playlists and “band of the week” tweets, since I’m always looking for new bands to fall in love with (and this community always seems to have a ton of those).

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